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  1. spkennyuk

    Decal removal and replace

    Any car wrapping place should be able to do it for you.
  2. spkennyuk

    Whats this part? (Gran Turismo S)

    It wont be a separate part you can order. It will come as part of the cup holder. Its a small plastic clear bulb cover. You could if you really wanted put a small piece of perspex cut to size in the recess. Or your looking £40 ish for a second hand cup holder to either take the bulb cover...
  3. spkennyuk

    Window Regulator Repair

    Its the later part for an Alfa 916 GTV
  4. spkennyuk

    Parking sensors quick fix

    Any water / moisture displacement product should work. Thats all the WD40 is doing.
  5. spkennyuk

    Parking sensors quick fix

    I have had an intermitent fault on one of my parking sensor. I had already identified which one by putting the car in reverse with the ignition on but engine off and then listening at the sensors for a ticking noise. You can actually feel it with a light touch on each sensor. In my case it was...
  6. spkennyuk

    Are you worried yet.

    That could be the fuel of the furure :)
  7. spkennyuk

    Are you worried yet.

    Unless it was Cummings or his ilk that posted the tweet. Then its ahhh yes thats ok then.
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    Pic of the day

    Its not a case of Call Me then ! :)
  9. spkennyuk

    Film buffs

    Had you just reversed into the yellow Bentley ? :laugh:
  10. spkennyuk

    GTS engine catastrophe

    Found the details of the masersti specialist i mentioned. He is based in the Bucks area i think. Dale at Prestige - he is mobile and ex HR Owen +44 7904 273813
  11. spkennyuk

    GTS engine catastrophe

    The engines are fairly bullet proof. Aside from the noise you were hearing was the engine behaving as normal ? If there has been a major internal failure you would expect a sudden drop in power and then evidence of failure in either the oil or the coolant or both. If the oil is clean and...
  12. spkennyuk

    Boot lock issue

    Thats sounding more like the wiring harness between the boot and body may have broken wires or fuse. It should tell you in the handbook which fuse to check.
  13. spkennyuk

    Need replacement rear window Spyder

    Quick google search turned up these people :
  14. spkennyuk

    Boot lock issue

    Hi Reeceb I found the full reset procedure. Steps below. Turn car off and close all the doors Open the trunk lid Manually switch the locking mechanism to its locked position With your right hand depress the spring (with black rubber) and hold down (body control computer now thinks the trunk...
  15. spkennyuk

    Driver window fell into door

    Result. It will go again eventually. Its a weak spot in the design.
  16. spkennyuk

    Bentley turbo R or 599

    Jensen for me between the XJS and a Jensen. I think its a 7.2 ltr in the later models.
  17. spkennyuk

    Teachers looking after their own.

    Its going to take pubs around 3 weeks to be able to get cask ales and keg beers back in the supply chain. Most pubs have still got a cellar full of spoiled stock that we cant dispose of or have uplifted until we are allowed to do so. (Long story but its a farce) Micro breweries were...
  18. spkennyuk

    Gransport spyder roof replacement

    It may be worth a call to a coach trimmer. If the frames in good condition they should be able to make a new hood for 1/3 of the price of a replacement. The only thing the use from the original for most cars is the frame and rear window depending if its stitched or bonded into the hood...
  19. spkennyuk

    Boot lock issue

    HI Reeceb. If i recall correctly if the battery has gone flat the boot lock and door locks and windows can go out of sync. You can reset it. Its along the lines of on the fob. Press quickly the open button then close button then press and hold the boot release button until you hear the...
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    Chris Huhne and his ex wife Vicky Price springs to mind. They both ended up serving time for it. She tooks the points for him i think and then blabbed afterwards. Both got done for perjury.