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    CNC Components

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    CNC Components

    Would be interested in 3 pedals, if you're still taking orders.
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    QP/GT front subframes - the truth

    Thought I'd update the status of my car, managed to get pictures of the underneath.. Dinitrol was used.... it stinks!!! Really happy, looks new. Only minor surface rust, no holes, nothing to worry.. phew. Great to have that peace of mind. Whilst it was off the road, I managed to get the wheel...
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    Maserati Granturismo Side Skirts 2008 Black Pair or Single

    Sorry if there’s been some confusion, they were removed from a 2008 GT, so are the base spec (rounded). Not the sport. see image of when they were fitted!
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    Maserati Granturismo Side Skirts 2008 Black Pair or Single

    Hi all, Clearing through my garage to make space so have a pair of Maserati Granturismo 2008 side skirts. Willing to sell as singles or as a pair. They're Nero carbonio and in average condition, no major damage, just the usual signs of wear such as road rash, but perfectly straight etc...
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    458 maybe one for Ian W

    From what I hear, silver Ferrari’s are incredibly hard to sell too, not sure if that would bother a cat car though?
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    458 maybe one for Ian W

    Rare colour for a 458. One of my favourite cars!
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    Admiral refund?

    £75 on the way back to me, should hear something by the end of May!
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    Alcantara roof lining for Granturismo

    I remember fitting an alcantara roof liner to my old defender, fitting was a nightmare even using a specialist garage.
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    Granturismo project for £7,000 ono

    Poor grammar, but you all know what I meant! :as001 (2):
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    Granturismo project for £7,000 ono

    Yes it was up for 18k, it’s a fake Chinese kit
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    Shares to watch

    Apparently Tesla spiked due to Elon's midnight tweeting, saying that Robo taxi is ahead of schedule, could be the factor?
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    I'll try dig out the invoice later tonight to remember the ET. They're 21", 11J wide on rears and 9.5J for fronts. They're light weight too, have a look at TSW, their dealers are really helpful and they have a every style you can think of.
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    I moved to Ferrari 20” wheels.. then to extra wide 21” custom made! Do it, really fills out the arches which the standard wheels don’t, amazing how bad the offsets/stance is coming out the factory, compared to Porsche’s for example.
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    The Levante is ....

    Audi V8 from rs6 I believe, not a v10 noise more of the farty gear changes etc.
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    Black window trim for Granturismo .

    Painting chrome is fine as long as body shop preps it, I looked into carbon dipping but would have to change everything else on the car
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    Black window trim for Granturismo .

    Wrap is your best bet, make sure you pick a professional as they're expensive if you snap them... as I found out!!
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    Granturismo MC Trofeo - Road Registered

    Awesome car! My maser was at CSK exhaust when it was being made road legal
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    Alfieri update

    Is that not just a 488 Pista with a few minor changes. Would be amazed if Maserati were allowed to even go close to that shape.
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    I’m looking at it, I’ve had an offer from an admirer so looking to stay with the trident. As with everything it’s massively dependant on price.