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  1. SimonM

    Rust Protection

    Some useful pointers courtesy of DickyB... best place to get Dinitrol is either direct from Dinitrol themselves - excellent customer service or - also very good Here are some interesting views about cavity/underbody...
  2. SimonM

    How many Masser Models owned?

    bearing in mind some of us have been in love with the marque a good while, it made me wonder how many different models anyone in particular has owned? Matty, you've notched a few with the Spyder on the way....
  3. SimonM

    How Many Left

    Morning all - not sure if anyone has posted this site, very good app for the iphone for a free moment, answers a few Qs about various Maserati numbers pretty well..... interesting to compare the trident to the euro boxes, makes you feel special :)
  4. SimonM

    who was he chasing?! ;)
  5. SimonM

    Youngest Maserati Forum Member

    Hi all, Not been around for a while - my fabulous wife gave birth to our son and 1st child on 5th June in the early hours - "Ayrton Alexander Paske Mitchell" was bang on time and weighed a healthy 8 pounds - thanks to all who wished us well :) and btw the name was my wife's choice :)...
  6. SimonM

    WANTED (again): GranSport Wheel (rear)

    here we go again! I needed a front last time - no joy and had to buy new - would break my heart to have to do that again! Preferably silver and if someone could throw in some rockinghorse **** and a unicorn that would be great :)
  7. SimonM

    Annual Maserati Service - £250

    yes that's right I've just started a college course at Herts Uni for "Car Maintenance & Servicing" (yes really). 3 hrs a week (1hr homework), for 12 weeks. The workshop is actually state of the art with 8 brand new ramps, and a certified 2011 MOT station..... Anyway, as such, you should...
  8. SimonM

    GranSport Front wheel

    I know the chances of this are about zero, but has anyone got a spare GranSport wheel in the cupboard? My alloy has cracked (again) and it's time for a new one I have a slighly less rare unicorn I'm happy to trade....
  9. SimonM

    discovery turbo now - henderson reviews GT Cab

    looks cracking with it's top off ;)
  10. SimonM

    The phoenix is risen (from the puddle!)

    Got the car back from Rob's today New Engine (well, a used one) New manifiolds New Lambdas New Airflow meter New Clutch New Thrust Bearing New rear under tray plus 4 wheel centre caps. and a tyre. and a windscreen wiper. took it for a spin.... i forgot the sound of thing, just...
  11. SimonM

    I've messed myself

    Forgive me if this has been posted somewhere else, but.... OH MY ******* GOD That's it - they've ruined everything - i must have it. bastards GTS sales forecasts just dropped like a stone.......:boss:
  12. SimonM

    WANTED: L/H Exhaust Manifold, 4200/GS

    The heart transplant required to resurrect my beloved is now on hold as I am now struggling to find a new lung. I have the right lung, but ideally need a NEW left one... at the very least, a verifiably young one! None at Main Dealers in UK, several worldwide, and none currently at the factory...
  13. SimonM

    GranSport Oil Pressure & friday

    Chaps, My Precious has a slightly worrying issue... When the engine is at full temp, the oil pressure needle at idle drops (sometimes all the way to the bottom) before a small poke of the throttle brings it back up. Particularly prone after a bit of acceleration. Pressure and oil light...
  14. SimonM

    What's the difference...

    ...between an Icelandic Volcano and Cheryl Cole? ...only one's blowing ash now:smile1:
  15. SimonM


    It's about that time again - I'd previously decided to replace the Falken 452s - maybe with some vreds, or Pirellis, but I'm finding it difficult to to bite the bullet and change... over the winter months I've been increasingly impressed with the Falkens especially at the rear... my GS probably...