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  1. Devonboy

    Broken wing mirror glass

    Hi, I came back to the car and the glass is cracked - any idea where I can get a replacement glass?
  2. Devonboy

    Aircon question

    My Aircon works lovely - powerful and cool. It just won’t start automatically- if set to full auto and at 21degrees - after about 20mins - nada- if I then take it off auto and reduce temp to lo...all **** breaks loose as per normal (fans and cold air) then switch it back to auto and take temp...
  3. Devonboy

    Quattroporte Glove box script

    It had to happen, it’s come lose.... 2 questions - what is the best way to reaffix the Quattroporte script (before I try superglue) and any tips to get it to line up with the still solid “sports gt s”?
  4. Devonboy

    Torque setting steering wheel

    This Easter’s project is to swap my standard wheel for a CF one and I wondered if anyone knew the correct torque for the steering wheel but?
  5. Devonboy

    Corona Convoy....?

    So - we can’t get out of the cars, but empty roads do suggest we could at least meet and drive somewhere - wave to each other through windscreens....oh and bring our own coffee/tea....
  6. Devonboy

    Vee Power Sunday Goodwood - March 1st

    Anyone else going?
  7. Devonboy

    QPV SK07 Harpenden

    If you are on here, say hi, I too have a QP V and live in Harpenden
  8. Devonboy

    AutoItalia Italian Car Day 29th Sept

    Anyone here planning on going? It’s at Stanford Hall ....details here ....
  9. Devonboy

    Sticky question

    Back from France and my daughter (love her) has ripped the leather on the rear door card....any suggestions as to the best glue to repair?
  10. Devonboy

    Pretty impressive MPG

    So down to the South France....with an overnight stop and pootling around...
  11. Devonboy

    Tomorrow my car will be worthless is gonna happen...tomorrow my 2010 QP V GTS will pass through 30,000 in!
  12. Devonboy

    Anyone here going to Silverstone Classics?

    I will be there Sat!
  13. Devonboy

    Twilight Sensor

    So - there is a sensor and it has 3 settings - is a setting of 3 bars the most sensitive (ie lights on quicker when dark) or the least sensitive?
  14. Devonboy

    Electrolytic corrosion

    So after nearly a decade the Maser has some of this on the underside of the boot....any suggestions on how to treat or manage?
  15. Devonboy

    Auto dimming rear view mirror

    Hi I was thinking of swapping my standard rear view mirror for a Maserati OEM auto-dim version - is this an easy swap does any one know?
  16. Devonboy

    My first Maserati

    Scanning through Autotrader......I see my first Maser! I traded it at 11000 miles for a GranTurismo
  17. Devonboy

    Ferrari - is it just me?

    So have owned a fezza and would do so again - but where do others stand in the Ferrari design language post Pinanfarina? Is it just me getting bored by the same front end lookon every car? It’s not got as a bad as Porsche, but I don’t know, each new model doesn’t seem quite as exciting...
  18. Devonboy

    Sports GT S - red flash on trident

    So the red flashes on the Trident on the grill and the Saetta’s have worn three questions....what paint and from where and any advice on repainting them?
  19. Devonboy

    Stoner Supercar Sunday

    Anyone else going to Stoner Park on Sunday 19th May?
  20. Devonboy

    OCD question the new carpets for the QP V and it’s great.....but they don’t have the clips to secure them to the floor.....where can I buy those?.....