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  1. Phil H

    Another lovely car from RG

    Oh I do like this PH
  2. Phil H

    A nice vid

    Courtesy of Goodwood...
  3. Phil H

    Slow news day

    The good old beeb has a story today that Meghan Markle closed a car door - in 2018! I'm all for a bit of light relief in these troubled times, but really? PH
  4. Phil H

    Nice 3200

    With RG, a very nice colour combination PH
  5. Phil H

    Now that's interesting...

    Lots of possibilities, but presumably not cheap: PH
  6. Phil H

    Wilton Wake-Up (breakfast meet) 2020 PH
  7. Phil H


    Don't all rush at once: PH
  8. Phil H

    Silverstone Auctions at Race Retro

    Some interesting stuff going to auction, with a couple of cars for the Alfistis. PH
  9. Phil H

    Cheque books at the ready! PH
  10. Phil H

    Aston Martin PH
  11. Phil H

    Heel and Toe

    Variations on a theme: PH
  12. Phil H


    Many of us run daily drivers alongside 'performance' cars, and there's a thread running about the Bloodhound project, the common theme being speed. As it happens, I was going through my book collection today and got a bit absorbed in a 1903 Motoring Annual from which I extracted the following...
  13. Phil H

    Classic Car Show NEC

    Pics below from yesterday. The Maserati club had one of the better stands, and there was a very strong showing from the Porsche fraternity.
  14. Phil H

    Lewis Hamilton F1 Champion 2019

    I know Lewis Hamilton has his detractors, but imho he is a superb driver and thoroughly deserves the title. A brilliant effort once again. :clapps: PH
  15. Phil H


    Some nice stuff went through RM/S this evening, but I was late watching it so didn't see the Ghibli or 3500 go through. The Bora did ok though Now for that lottery win...….. PH
  16. Phil H

    A light winter project

    Sense of humour a must: PH
  17. Phil H


    I was nosing around a red one of these yesterday and thought how purposeful it looked, but even more so in dark colours if you play with the configurator. They have little space in the back and they're out of my league for now anyway; I'm just curious about folks' views on the styling...
  18. Phil H

    A busy 2020 for F1 That's some programme, assuming it gets FIA approval. PH
  19. Phil H

    3200/4200 Spares Clearout

    Having moved on to QP’s I think I’m probably done with Coupés so it’s time to clear some contingency spares acquired during my 3200/4200 ownership. Except where stated they are new old stock (NOS) with most items in original packaging, but for obvious reasons I cannot test them so they are...
  20. Phil H

    Classics at Sherborne Castle 21st July PH