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  1. dgmx5

    Scale model engine kits

    Given the long term nature of where we find ourselves, and the fact some forum members are scale model aficionados, are there any recommendations for a working, scale model engine, preferably V8? I am aware of kits costing several thousand pounds but my budget is probably several hundred.
  2. dgmx5

    The Influenzo

    A 308 GTS auction buy by Jack, formerly(?) of this manner, who some will recall bought a GS. What could possibly go wrong? Possibly a lot apparently
  3. dgmx5

    Motorline Maidstone

    Walking through the outlet centre in Ashford and Motorline had a Ghibli and a petrol Levante on display. No idea on spec but the Ghibli was being offered at £14500 off a list price of £57000 (3 cars available) and the Levante also had a £14500 discount off a list price of £79000 (I think, 2...
  4. dgmx5

    Merak for $150

    Seen on Facebook that guy picked up a Merak for $150... even allowing for a lot of work, that's a steal.
  5. dgmx5

    Chipped/scratched buttons

    Having cleaned up and de-stickied the vents and steering wheel cowl, the eye is now drawn to the state of the buttons in the centre console. Some of the rubberised coating has been scratched or 'chipped'. It does allow some light through at night but it actually looks worse in daylight...
  6. dgmx5

    4200 Battery Issue or Something More Serious?

    Battery voltage at 11.63V without load. When I try to start, all seems ok at first, but when I turn the key from I to II, it sounds like a gattling gun. Any thoughts beyond the battery? I will try to charge the battery later but not possible at the moment because of where other vehicles are...
  7. dgmx5

    Silverstone Auctions' The Riyadh Car Show Auction 22 November 2019

    Some serious (and some unique) exotica consigned:
  8. dgmx5

    Suzuka 2019

    We are travelling to Japan for the RWC and will be in the country at the time of the GP although regrettably not available to attend the race itself. Has anyone got experience of attending the weekend, in particular FP and quali? Looking at maybe just attending FP as you can roam between the...
  9. dgmx5

    Maserati Alfieri for sale (in hand) Cheap on tyres too.
  10. dgmx5

    Handbags on Bikes

    2 year ban for both riders.
  11. dgmx5

    Pistonheads' Brave Pill 4200 Article

    May be of interest:
  12. dgmx5

    Oulton Park Fastest Lap

    I managed at 25 min 39 sec fastest lap at the weekend as part of my 10k run as part of the Oulton Park Running Grand Prix. I even managed negative splits in that my first full lap was a 25 min 40 sec. A 10k run meant having to run from the finish line out to and back from the bridge across at...
  13. dgmx5


    For sale with The Market. Not sure whether £10,500 is a good price but thought it may interest some on here:
  14. dgmx5

    Forum purchase?

    If we all club together, could we buy this?
  15. dgmx5

    Fabian Oefner's Disintegrating Series - Lamborghini Miura All manner of cool.
  16. dgmx5

    Dash out - what else would you do?

    So whilst not an immediate job, I will be getting the heater matrix done in the near future which obviously is a complete dash out job. So what else would you choose to do at the same time? Some thoughts are: 1. Remove the tracker 2. Have all sticky buttons refurbished 3. Replace centre vents...
  17. dgmx5


    Interested in any assemblies including any with broken switches and scratched surfaces as I am trying to source a replacement casting into which to place the lever itself.
  18. dgmx5

    Wanted: 4200 CC Facelift Reverse Lever Assembly

    Interested in any assemblies including any with broken switches and scratched surfaces as I am trying to source a replacement casting into which to place the lever itself.
  19. dgmx5

    4200 Facelift Reverse Lever Assembly

    Car is in for servicing with Voicey. I knew the mechanism was wobbly and as Hills are near to where I work, I bought an RL-01 and screw hoping that would sort it out. Unfortuanaely Voicey has had it out and the usual weak point, the lever, is fine but the block casting is broken. Any...
  20. dgmx5

    Electrical Gremlins

    When I picked up my 4200CC from Anglia Car Auctions at the start of November, it had had to be jump started. I also knew that it had been sitting around since flexwing sold it earlier in the year, and it still is believed to have a tracker fitted. Coupled with the fact it gets sporadic rather...