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    Wanted: 3200 Throttle Body

    Hi all, Mike @ Maserati Shed has informed me that my throttle body might be unrepairable....does anyone have a spare they would like to sell? Thank you!
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    Wanted:3200 ABS ECU

    Hi all, I posted about this originally 6 months ago, but my ecu decided to play nice for a while and I forgot about trying to get hold of a new one. Does anyone have a spare abs ecu they can sell me? Thanks!!
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    Brake Discs (Yes another thread)

    A simple question that's been bugging me for some time...... why on earth is it so difficult (i.e impossible right now) to get hold of pattern 3200\4200\GS brake discs? The discs themselves are not complex 2 piece items - simply run of the mill standard single piece construction. Surely any...
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    Wanted: 3200 abs ecu

    Hi All, My 3200 is with Mike @ the Maserati Shed at the mo. I have ABS and Traction Control lights on the dash..... and Mike has diagnosed a faulty ABS ECU. Mike can supply a new ECU for £1200, but i'd rather save a little cash if at all possible! Does anyone have a spare they would...
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    I think I've bought a car known to the forum!

    Hi All, I bought my first 3200 back in June, and I think it's awesome. Having been a member of back in the day, the 3200 is something I've always wanted. After browsing the forum, I noticed that it appears to have been owned previously by two members; - Johnny Graham and before him...
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    Wanted: late 3200/assetto corsa/early 4200 set of wheels

    Hi all, I'm on the lookout for a set of late 3200/early 4200 wheels. These are the 18†BBS wheels as opposed to the 18†speedline wheels on early 3200's. Give me a PM if you have a spare set