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  1. SteveM

    3200 Shock absorber Reassembly

    Last year I repainted the springs and as a consequence had to dismantle each spring assembly. When I refitted I had a suspension error light which an independent believes maybe due to the red actuator not fully seating on the spline on the top of the damper shaft as diagnostic reported as...
  2. SteveM

    Front damper removal/replace damper bush

    I am in the process of replacing bottom damper bushes but struggling to remove damper from bottom arm. I have removed top mount nuts and seperated head on top arm and also removed bolt that goes through drop link and damper. However there appears to be a bush (or two halves of metal bush) that I...
  3. SteveM

    3200 Flywheel Skim?

    My 3200 is currently having clutch replaced. Having sourced clutch parts from across Europe, my mechanic has advised that flywheel is showing signs of high spots. I believe new flywheels may not now be available and was wondering if anyone has had theirs skimmed? What my Mechanic is trying to...
  4. SteveM

    3200 Sill and door threshold cover removal

    Finally getting round to addressing the wheel arch rust. It seems that the seals between the bodywork and liners have badly deteriorated that has allowed water in and to stay. Looking to replace these anyone done this before? I suspect a question for that those that dismantle 3200's for spares...
  5. SteveM

    Trivia - anyone know this car badge?

    Colleague at work has found parts of a car at roof in his loft. He got my hopes up when he described the badge as a bull inside a shield. Regretably its not Lamborgini though I suggested it might be an early "Red Bull" and worth a fortune! I am sure someone here can suggest what it might be from.
  6. SteveM

    key stolen - what are my options

    Returned home today to discover we have had unwelcome visitors who helped themselves to lap tops and jewelry - plus the spare black key for my 3200. Still have one black key that I was using plus the red but wondering what you guys suggest are my options as I will have sleepless nights even...
  7. SteveM

    Headlight film

    My headlights have a film (with a slight blue tint) that is beginning to peel around the edges of the plastic lens. I am trying to establish whether this film is original Maserati item or something that a previous owner has applied. If Maserati item, has anyone experienced the same problem...