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    Harry's Garage Silverstone auction GS in sale.

    This is exactly the market we are dealing in (well sub 7Kish) - low owner, low miles unmolested petrol cars C.1995-2005. Just perfect for the school run, station car park, supermarket etc. Cost very little to run, look fantastic, get lots of admiring looks as retro cool and are an absolute...
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    4.2L (Cold) Rough Start/Cam Shaft Variators

    So what is the fix in this case? I remember hearing something about a non-return valve at the rear of the engine that can fail or stick (and are no longer available)
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    The 50 club

    Happy Birthday - 50s are fine.
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    Caroline Flack RIP

    I cannot and will not comment on specifics of this case as I have not followed the story or the media regarding it, but having been on the receiving end of similar attacks to those suggested here - for no reason - I could and should have pressed charges as advised but chose not to. It is rarely...
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    EVO Article

    Nothing new other than confirming : Starting in late 2020, Maserati will commence production of its all-new petrol-powered super sports car based on the Alfieri concept shown way back in 2014. This model will be built in Modena alongside an update to Maserati’s central plant to facilitate the...
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    Anybody knows this car or looking at buying it, SK65AGO?

    The AutoExpress article quotes them as saying: HPI: It “works tirelessly to improve the coverage and accuracy of its data and is carrying out increasingly more checks year on year, and as such is identifying a growing number of vehicles hitting the register as write-offs”. The firm highlighted...
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    Anybody knows this car or looking at buying it, SK65AGO?

    Interesting stuff. I suppose if you still at HPI Check then you are insured against this (though only up to £15K if it is found to have been a write off) and it will capture 9/10 cars. Not sure what else we can do, but thanks for exposing.
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    Newby looking for a Maserati

    isn't it amazing what £10K can buy. Such a shame so many people are stuck in a Lease/PCP cycle seemingly forever.
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    SM Audiophiles?

    Kudos very nince indeed
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    SM Audiophiles?

    Retro Linn, like it.
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    GS rear brakes

    Totally from memory only, this is correct - flexible pipe direct to calipers (item 27 in the diagram). Pay attention to routing and clips etc as otherwise it can rub on the rear axle with interesting results!
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    SM Audiophiles?

    Been through various over the years, A&R, Dunlop ystemdek, Meridian Active, Counterpoint, Audio Research, Sonus Faber, Tag McLaren. Always had Linn though and my 30 odd year old Linn Keilidh speakers have a Linn Klimax streamer with their Klimax Exaxtbox Aktiv tri-amp technology (look it up if...
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    15years and then it’s leccy only!

    I am not sure. Most people yes but right now my daily is from 2007 and it is superb, has everything I need and nothing I don't but then I want to drive when I drive, not browse the internet :)
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    Granturismo MC Trofeo - Road Registered

    Fantastic! Love the clock :)
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    When will Catman buy another Maserati

    I am sure you are correct but I also know from personal experience not to rely on Maserati sticking the right sticker on at the factory! :)
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    Contact from HQ

    I think the likely reality is they just realised they have massive GDPR issues looming if they don't get their contact database in order :)
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    Contact from HQ

    I had the call today. All pretty basic stuff. Then got an email inviting me to make changes to my details but they did not send a code. Massive fail lol
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    QP/GT front subframes - the truth

    Are the later cars better built or just not deteriorated as badly yet?