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    Bosch #VAE0280752029 pedal potentiometer

    I recently had intermittent limp home mode on the 3200GT which diagnosed as SD2 code P0225,intermittent pedal pot. failure. Since the OE unit is no longer available I investigated the reason for failure. It was a 2 minute job to disassemble the part and I found microscopic scratches on all four...
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    Maserati service in Melbourne

    Does anyone on here know of a Maserati service in Melbourne equipped with an SD2 diagnostic tester,other than Zagame ? Could you recommend Maranello Motorsport in Richmond ? Grateful for any suggestions as well.
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    Ghibli diesel service light

    Can anyone tell me how to erase the routine service light ? The car has the Jeep Cherokee engine and is current model.
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    Oil level sensor 3200GT

    I am getting the oil level error light. The resistance through the sensor is 6.1 ohms. I cannot find any specifications in the workshop manual. Does anyone on here know whether this resistance is in spec. ?
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    3200 GT Error oil level light

    My year 2000 3200GT has an Error Oil Level light come on while engine warm after driving. Oil level is definitely OK. Oil pressure is also OK Does the hot wire sensor fail ? Eurospares lists a new sensor,subject to availability. Is the sensor common to other cars,e.g.,Ferrari or Alfa...
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    A Cautionary Tale

    I have owned my 3200GT for seven years and have experienced intermittent problems with electronic locking of doors so I ceased using the fob & only twisted the key in the door lock. No further problems. During a bit of work to replace TB,fit new clutch and replace some coolant hoses a severe...
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    3200 GT red key

    The original owner of my year 2000 3200GT has refused to hand over the red key despite a court order to do so. I have a red card with a number code. My question is: I have the opportunity to acquire a red key from a wrecked car,can that key be programmed by an electronic key expert using the...
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    Amateur 3200GT diagnostics

    Like all 3200GT's mine has the occasional CEL which flits around for a while then buggers off. Rather annoying ! I see that are selling a Foxwell NT510 diagnostic tool loaded with software for ten Maserati including the 3200GT. It seems to me that for 169 quid including VAT...
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    New Maserati Service Centre in Melbourne

    I have a new clutch fitted to my 3200GT by Scuderia Australia located at St. Kilda Junction. Ruben Gonzales was able to quickly locate 2 genuine Sachs clutch kits from Australian Clutches for A$1600 each. So if anyone is looking for a new clutch contact me via this forum. I cannot speak highly...
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    3200 sticking throttle

    My Xemodex refurbed TB was OK,now has a sticking butterfly valve. If I free it manually it's fine. However,overnight in the garage and it's again stuck shut. What is the best permanent fix ? P.S. I've read all the threads on this topic & understand it's a common problem. I also have a...
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    Sticking throttle body

    After Xemodex refurb the butterfly valve is sticking,so I give it a poke to free it which triggers a "No ASR" message and the engine will not start. I have read all the stuff on sticking valves on this forum,but,what is the best way to stop it sticking ? P.S. I can defeat the ASR problem by...
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    3200 GT Limp home mode fix

    My year 2000 car has gone into limp mode. Inspection of the throttle body butterfly valve confirms this. Most cars have a quick fix to get the car out of limp mode by turning the ignition key several times,e.g. three( Ferrari) or five (Lotus) times. Does the 3200 have a similar facility ...
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    3200 Throttle body

    Just removed TB and the sliding contacts are quite jerky. Freed them up by repeated opening & closing of the butterfly valve,but still a little erratic. What I'd like to know: Does anyone on here know of a reputable & preferably well-priced reconditioner in Australia for the 3200 throttle...
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    Fascia lights

    On a my2000 3200GT the instrument binnacle lights,clock light,ashtray light,aircon dials & buttons lights and high beam range adjuster lights went out. Found a blown 7.5 amp fuse in foot well. Replaced fuse,all OK,however if I switch on the lights while the engine is running the fuse blows. If I...