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  1. steve3200

    Great Idea....Smart Motorways!

    smart motorways and brexit, both completely stupid
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    Newbie from France

    bonjour, bienvenue sur ce forum
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    4.2L (Cold) Rough Start/Cam Shaft Variators

    its a fairly common issue on the 4.2/4.7 the fix is quite straightforward for most maserati specialist garages, the job is almost a 'menu' item, usually about £1,500 each side (there are two), £3,000 total, your 7k figure sounds like the main dealer price
  4. steve3200

    QP/GT front subframes - the truth

    yes i absolutely agree with you
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    QP/GT front subframes - the truth

    a new front subframe is around £2,000 and a good used one about £1,000, whilst underneath it's sensible to do the rest of the underside with corrosion treatment/protection, fitting and treatment/protection takes about 40 hours labour, then afterwards all four wheels re-aligned with shims etc by...
  6. steve3200

    Part/s & Rust

    I'm afraid that's not correct, the MOT can quite easily miss a badly corroded subframe as experienced with a previous QP
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    QP/GT front subframes - the truth

    i personally wouldn't buy a QP unless the subframe/s had been fully inspected or previously corrosion treated.
  8. steve3200

    Part/s & Rust

    my advice is to get the subframe checked out and replaced if necessary
  9. steve3200

    Part/s & Rust

    you need to get the subframe inspected properly with all the covers removed
  10. steve3200

    Part/s & Rust

    when they do an mot they only report the rust that they can actually see, what needs to be done is that the covers/wheel arch liners need to be removed for a proper inspection, i knew of a QP that passed the MOT without problem but actually had a badly corroded front subframe which needed...
  11. steve3200

    maserati QP wheel alignment specifications

    good point, my garage obtained the spec from a maserati dealer who emailed it to him so i never actually got to see it, all i knew was that it had to be fully fuelled and 2 x 80 kgs ballasts in the front seats (2 spare mechanics)
  12. steve3200

    maserati QP wheel alignment specifications

    thanks for the reply, I've had it done now and it drives amazing, much better than before
  13. steve3200

    maserati QP wheel alignment specifications

    hello, does anyone have a copy of the quattroporte wheel alignment data spec sheet? for a 2009/2010/2011 model, (shim, camber, caster, toe, track etc) thanks
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    Maserati 4200GT Gear Stick Gaiter

    i have some spare avorio leather, enough to do a gaiter with if you're interested
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    with about 60,000 litres of aviation fuel being slammed into each tower I'm amazed they didn't collapse earlier, sorry but the pre-planted explosives theory is daft.
  16. steve3200

    Independent servicing

    Migiloire in Bromsgrove and Supercar Showrooms in Worcester
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    Avorio leather colour match

    what do you mean 'of what substance' i dont get the question, i had the feeling when i posted my tip it would be shot down in flames by a more "senior member', I'm sorry i mentioned it now.
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    Avorio leather colour match

    just a tip for owners of Avorio leather interiors, to match the colour use an acyrlic cream colour and then mix slightly with a yellow ochre colour, gives a perfect match.
  19. steve3200

    3200GTA on The Market

    the mileage is very good and being an auto is a plus, more drivable, and also the auto is less prone to end float issues,
  20. steve3200

    Slight Tapping Noise when cold

    i had this ticking on a 4200 a while back, the car had little use and had been stood idle for several months, after i started driving it more regularly the ticking disappeared.