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  1. SteveM


    Congratulations on the 10 year anniversary - well done to Matt and other moderators. Reflecting back - it’s 9 years since I joined and over 50,000 miles in a 3200 in that period - not entirely without issues. However with the support of the community i have kept the car going and I have been...
  2. SteveM

    3200 Parts.

    I cant believe the spare wheel hasn't been snapped up -fortunately I already have one.
  3. SteveM

    The 50 club

    Happy birthday mate!
  4. SteveM

    Revving issues, knock sensor errors and ignition coil errors

    My failing temp sensor resulted in poor start and flooding issue which I don’t think is the issue here.
  5. SteveM


    Just about dried out! Warm fire and catching up on great rugby result. Good to catch up with some old friends and also meet some new.
  6. SteveM


    luckes GTV6 - 1999 Alfa Romeo GTV6 MrMickS - 2001 Alfa Romeo Spider FIFTY - 4200 GT Kazzer - not sure which one MarkMas - 2009 QPV Alfa Muppet- 2019 Giulia Veloce Alexpie - Granturismo S RoaryRati - probably S2000 Phil H - QP Rockits - Vantage? AnZ – Fiat 124 Mr. Z sen. – Lancia saloon TBA 1 -...
  7. SteveM


    I've negotiated a pass for the day but that does require me to walk the dog before I head to the circuit! Please add me to the list
  8. SteveM


    As above - otherwise have you hit speed hump hard? If so check oil cooler pipe as I had similar oil leak when cross bar cut hose.
  9. SteveM


    Hi I'm 8 miles south of Bath with a 3200 if you happen to be this side of Bristol
  10. SteveM

    Ace Meet Sep 12!!

    Good to catch up with everyone at The Old Orchard for lunch - sorry couldn't join you for Ace Cafe as it looks like a great turnout. Thanks once again for organising Dem.
  11. SteveM

    Ace Meet Sep 12!!

    Hopefully join you at the Old Orchard for lunch.
  12. SteveM

    thermometer does not work

    I had a curious problem recently which I believe is related to temperature sensor. On cold start the engine would be hard to start (flooded) and then misfire badly once eventually started. After a mile it suddenly clears itself and everything fine for rest of journey. On one occasion I noted...
  13. SteveM

    3200 AC ARB Group Buy

    If you are at Brands Hatch tomorrow you can have a look at my ARB installed and discuss. As you would expect there is less roll at the front into corners and not sure quite how to describe the impact on rear but its seems to squat down when powering out of corners - generally it feels more...
  14. SteveM

    Brands Hatch Festival Italia Sunday 18th August 2019

    Eb. MLC FiFTY SteveM - If im running late I will just continue round M25 (ill be coming up the M3) but could duck back down to Ripley if running on schedule.
  15. SteveM

    Funny Noise

    Have you checked heat shield on front cats?
  16. SteveM

    Maseratis - Spotted

    Dark silver 4200 burbling through Bath - heard it before I saw it!
  17. SteveM

    3200 Fog Light/Indicator unit fitting.

    Hi Stuart - these are the two images I was trying to describe earlier - good luck
  18. SteveM

    3200 Fog Light/Indicator unit fitting.

    From memory you have to remove wheel and then wheel arch liner to remove the rear nut from bracket and electrical connector and then remove the front underskirt/bib tray and then use a very long 1/4"extension bar from below between chassis rail and intercooler? to get onto inner nut. I have a...
  19. SteveM

    Change of coolant hose of left turbocharger

    It is possible on your back and easier than the one behind the a/c compressor. I recall having to slacken off the alternator and removing air filter box to allow removal of various plastic ducts and pipes in the vicinity of the pipe.
  20. SteveM

    Brands Hatch Festival Italia Sunday 18th August 2019

    I’ve registered over weekend and received confirmation yesterday.