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  1. elan

    GranTurismo Stradale wheels

    How much do they normally sell for? I am considering putting the summer tyres on a set of stradale alloys, to be used in the spring. Thanks
  2. elan

    Well priced MC Stradale

    This looks like a well priced Stradale?
  3. elan

    GT Sport Line Bootlid

    Please let me know if you have a GT Sport Line Bootlid for sale or see one for sale. Thanks in advance.
  4. elan

    Few updates for my Granturismo

    I am looking to update a few items on my GT. 1. I would like to fit some spacers. Is it best to go for 22mm front and back to maintain the track width? Rather than 22mm to front and 25mm to back. What is the best make and place to purchase? 2. The mats are not in great condition and I would...
  5. elan

    Looking for my first Maserati, Granturismo GTS

    Hi Guys, I am looking to buy a Granturismo GTS. I fancy something different following a string of German cars, mainly M cars. I have never owned an Italian car before  It will be mainly for weekends with little mileage. I think my budget maybe a bit tight for what I am looking for (around...