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  1. MrMickS

    15years and then it’s leccy only!

    Reading between the lines that’s not a commitment to full electric just not new diesel or petrol. Does that mean hybrids are still ok? The chances are that by 2030 most cars will be hybrid at least anyway. EU legislation will see to that, yes I know we aren’t in the EU but the size of the...
  2. MrMickS

    Apocalypse Cow: How Meat Killed the Planet

    Simple solution to the problem. Reduce the population, at least try and cap population growth, and all of these problems suddenly go away. Trump appears to have grasped this and is working on a radical de-population plan at the moment.
  3. MrMickS

    Italian Car Breakfast Meet at The Motorist Hub

    I'll be there if its not raining.
  4. MrMickS

    Italian Car Breakfast Meet at The Motorist Hub

    This is a new monthly meeting at The Motorist in Sherburn-in-Elmet on the 2nd Sunday of the month from 10:00. I went along to the last one and it was well attended, but mostly by Alfabook members. I was in the only Maserati and there was a chap there with a Ferrari as well. Parking is plentiful...
  5. MrMickS

    McLaren Manchester - shudder

    Imagine being told “perhaps you’re not a McLaren customer” when you’ve spent £250k on a car and found faults. I’d reject it and tell them where they could put their defective car.
  6. MrMickS

    Brexit Deal

    Never saw that coming... No deal was always on the table. The election was the way to engineer it. Pass Johnson's deal by the end of Jan. Then there are 6-7 months to negotiate a deal in order to have something ratified by the 31 Dec 2020. There is no chance of that so we will leave at the end...
  7. MrMickS

    Greta Thunberg

    I know an actor, who was a child actor and often away from school on set. He received tuition and got good enough A level results to attend University and got a degree in English. There are different ways to be educated than sitting in a class room. Private, one on one, tuition is probably...
  8. MrMickS

    Brexit Deal

    Always love to hear all of us English telling Scotland what will happen. We don’t learn Scottish/English history down here so we?
  9. MrMickS

    Anybody into Apple macs for mini DV conversion?

    It’s a while since I did anything with DV. I don’t have a camera capable of it anymore. This would be fairly simple to do with a FireWire capable MacMini. Especially if you are just looking to transfer across. My Dad has been using a Mac Mini and iMovie to process his DV tapes so it is...
  10. MrMickS

    Maseratis - Spotted

    Nice wave from a Blue Ghibli III yesterday afternoon at Monks Cross in York.
  11. MrMickS

    Maseratis - Spotted

    Missed posting this one from last week at the local garage. Nearly made an offer but have to close on the house first.
  12. MrMickS

    Maseratis - Spotted

    In the process of buying a new house, took a stroll around the corner from the new place and saw this. Then headed off to the carpet place and parked next to a lovey looking GT.
  13. MrMickS

    Some snazzy Maserati clobber anyone ....

    Zenga stuff is expensive, even without the Maserati badge attached. It goes along with the, "if you have to ask how much it is then you can't afford it", kind of thing. Quality is good though. If you buy a Maserati, even if you bought it for Mondeo money, you are buying into a exclusive...
  14. MrMickS

    My 916 Spider Videos

    Last one from the road trip. It was 35C in the shade and we got a pretty decent tan driving with the roof off.
  15. MrMickS

    New Maserati sports car spy shots

    Evidently its a Maserati designed, and built, engine and won't appear in anything but Maserati. It does look like a 4C, or the 4C QV prototype in FCA Heritage, in heavy camo. That would make a good test mule though. I can't see Maserati going for a mid-engined two seater. I would be happy to...
  16. MrMickS

    Admiral Insurance

    I was with them for a couple of years but got fed up with the attempt to hike the rate year on year and switched to Aviva this year. I got a better rate on the multi car and European breakdown for the Alfa Spider at a decent rate. You do need to call them if you’ve more than two cars. That...
  17. MrMickS

    A few of us on here like a little French car

    Had one in the local garage for an MOT when my Spider was in. Always had a soft spot for them. Crazy car.
  18. MrMickS


    Well we’re not pay you. Your doing a poor job of keeping the rain away at the moment.
  19. MrMickS


    Thank goodness for that. Lancashire, and the Pennies, only exist to keep the rain off Gods Own County [emoji6]
  20. MrMickS

    Free Ultrafast broadband for all!

    A lot of Government services have moved, and more are moving, online. 4G was, and 5G, is supposed to replace wired connections. The problem is that, as with wires, rural rollout isn’t as profitable and so you end up with the cities leading and rural economies suffering. A proper digital...