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  1. daverichardson


    Get QP Bumper sorted, will phone garage today to book it in. My house needs modernising badly Under Floor Heating, waiting on quotes Make en suite bathroom, planning stage. Decorate bedroom and en suite Install wet room in utility room and insulate said rooms, just an idea and planning stage...
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    Whilst travelling in a queue at about 5mph I stopped. Unfortunately the chap behind did not. The result was scratches on the rear drivers side bumper. Everything else worked fine Upon inspection at my Indy it seems one bracket and the packing behind the bumper that absorbs low impact collisions...
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    Been away a couple of days and now back, QPV Battery was dead. Unusual I thought as it had been ok and I check the voltage regularly. Charged it up today while in situ and it struggled to take the charge. Disconnected it completely and lifted it properly into the boot and recharged. Quite...
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    Ginger God love him
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    Meeting my No.2 Son in Paris 11th Sept until 14th Need a place to stay for us both. Suggestions welcomed please
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    Ok Opinions please on a Ghibli S 2017 facelift, petrol, no skyhook I may be going to see one next week depends on px for my QPV.........................
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    Top Gear Presenters

    From the BBC Not sure myself but hopefully an improvement
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    Different Car for me? I am considering the above but the...
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    What happened to money?

    The queue at the bar last night was getting longer and longer as one of the card readers had packed in. This prompted a train of thought as to how often I actually use cash. Even an old dinosaur like me uses the Contactless system. The taxi driver had no change and wanted me to use a card On and...
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    Yesterday Channel

    Just saw an advert for some car show to start on April 18th on Yesterday. Mathewson's a well regarded auction house in Thornton le Dale (near to me) feature in the first episode. Details are sketchy but it may be worth a watch
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    So it seems No.2 Son has a liking for the Fiat 124 and is thinking about swapping his 09 Spider into the bargain. There happened to be a 124 Abarth near me in a garage so I went along.on his behalf. The 10 year old in the garage tells me they retail about £28000 and that this one was £23000 with...
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    Tornado flypast

    Here is a list for next week I am hoping to make it at Leeming
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    Caribbean Cruise?

    Thinking about a visit to Caribbean in March time. Never done a cruise anywhere (if you don't count Linthorpe Road) Don't want a massive ship, don't want kids running about. Does not have to be a Cruise Do want Luxury Any help gratefully received
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    FRR Shares

    I see FRR have temporarily suspended from AIM listing I know someone on here (apart from me) has a holding and wonder if they have any more information than I have?
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    Budget 2018

    Think I am morphing into a Tory. Wait until my mates here that! I actually thought Phil's stab at it was ok and was turned off completely by the other one that does not have a reflection. However the problem with both sides are the women on their respective teams. They are really evil!
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    QP S for sale
  17. daverichardson

    Viewing QPVI Well I went to see this car as I was possibly interested. The garage had a reasonable reputation from people I have spoken with. It is a £50000 (more or less)...
  18. daverichardson

    Death of a Kangoo?

    Well it seems pretty terminal to me. The 2001 Kangoo +150,000 miles has finally collapsed on the drivers side rear and it appears as though the Torsion Rod system has fractured right in the wheel. estimated cost for renewal/replacement plus shock absorbers etc is +£600 which is a lot more than...
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    Venturi is this anything to do with a patron of this site?
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    Stumbled across this yesterday