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    Pic of the day

    oh I don't know, second from left looks in fine fettle ;)
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    I joined in 2016 after buying my GT, I did zero research and so the forum as been very helpful, it's also a great place to hang around talking car related stuff generally and of course meeting some great people at the various shows I have attended. Congratulations Matt and the team for starting...
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    Now that's interesting...

    Its quite amazing to me (I work in an office and am not an engineer) how tech like this has moved on and how they make what seems impossible, possible. I love the fact that there are firms that will do this for relatively “ordinary” modern classics and not just the £££££££££ historic classics...
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    BEWARE - KJB Parts

    Glad to hear you got it sorted - its a reminder to all of us to use a credit card for online especially unknown suppliers or those overseas.
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    The good morning thread

    A decent layer of bonding and a skim coat will sort that - no problem :D
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    SM 10 year anniversary - Drinks in London - 21 Feb - nr Waterloo

    I had forgotten about Justin, now if only I could remember your quote ........... ?
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    SM 10 year anniversary - Drinks in London - 21 Feb - nr Waterloo

    And let’s not forget the giant by the bar
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    Where do you put your phone?

    My GTS is a weekend toy so the phone is normally in my pocket. In my daily I use the sort of mount that would normally go on a windscreen but attach the sucker to the bottom of the cup holder, charging cable is then very close to power in the armrest. Looks surprisingly neat and tidy.
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    SM 10 year anniversary - Drinks in London - 21 Feb - nr Waterloo

    How’s the head Ross
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    SM 10 year anniversary - Drinks in London - 21 Feb - nr Waterloo

    Great night last night - sadly the pub manager wouldn’t entertain a lock in, but helpfully she pointed us in the direction of a bar round the corner open till the early hours :) On the train home now but have arranged for my sons to get a taxi to meet me and pick my car up, it will be a few more...
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    SM 10 year anniversary - Drinks in London - 21 Feb - nr Waterloo

    Just arrived at my hotel and will work from here for the rest of the afternoon. It’s next door to the pub :p
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    Traffic light cameras ....... news to me.

    Ok I have just reviewed my dashcam and what felt like 45mph was actually 54mph :eek: In my defence your honour it was 4.35am on an empty duel carriageway ;) oh well, I suspect thats my clean licence gone for another 3/5 years
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    Traffic light cameras ....... news to me.

    So this morning at silly o’clock, I drove my daughter to the Eurostar at St Pancras. On the North Circular whilst avoiding the obvious speed cameras I went over a Green Light only to have the camera flash me (I was doing 45mph in the 40mph limit). Very confused I went to Google and discovered...
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    The good morning thread

    Looks like I am first up - very early start as I am giving my daughter a lift to the Eurostar Terminal at St Pancras. - earning brownie points ............. will need a kip before the SM drinks in London later - Have good Fridays !
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    Are you worried yet.

    False alarm apparently
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    SM 10 year anniversary - Drinks in London - 21 Feb - nr Waterloo

    I have booked Hampton By Hilton which is very close but there is no parking unfortunately
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    Ferrari on fire

    That’s a sad sight to see ........... lost forever ..........
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    Japanese house designed around a Maserati...

    I am not very well traveled but Japan is way up there on my wish list, has always interested me. As for the house, I would have to sit in the garage so I could see out !
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    GT.....but 4.2 or 4.7?

    I wouldn’t want it as I like my cars more subtle, but l I do think it looks fantastic.
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    The good morning thread

    Woke up in a hotel in Sonning to a view across the Thames which look very high still. Off to interview a candidate to joint my senior management team - fingers crossed he is up to snuff. Oh and is pi$$ing it down.