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  1. rockits

    Ferrari on fire

    Ouch....heart wrenching to watch that in the flesh I'm sure. They did repair Rowan Atkinson's F1 though that was in a bad way and cost £1m to repair.
  2. rockits

    Tyrell's Classic Workshop

    Some great videos on here. Remember watching the videos he did with Harry a while back on his Espada engine rebuild.
  3. rockits


    What are people's take on a GT S 4.7 MC at circa £25-£30k compared to a Strad at £50-£60k?
  4. rockits

    SUV question

    I can see why for differing requirements to us/me he went back. There is not much wrong with the FL2 for standard non discerning buyers. It drives pretty good for most. Safe and comfortable and decent off road. I used it to pull loads of fence posts out years back in the garden. The DS is a...
  5. rockits

    SUV question

    We had our old FL2 SD4 HSE 2011 for 5 years and it was great. Bought it for 17500 at 3 years old and sold last year for circa £8k I think. The DS is a big step on though. The 7 seater is really useful and we have used a fair bit. Boot is much bigger and the DS package is very clever. Not too...
  6. rockits

    A very brave young man.

    Lovely story Andy......thanks for sharing. Good to see Lewis and Valteri making the effort to spend time with the young lad. I suspect he will have a very bright future ahead of him. It should be a lesson to all that even a major issue can be a minor blip if you only let it be so. Very...
  7. rockits


    Yes, correct Mark. Good memory [emoji6] Also yes the variators were done by Migliore just before I bought it from Steve. Crikey, I don't remember that thread being so long and complex!
  8. rockits

    Newby looking for a Maserati

    I remember that car. Nearly bought it last year. Seller didn't want to accept my offer day one then ended up trading it in for less some months later. Go figure. That one is a nice car and should be able to be bought for max £10k. I know it would have been sold for a fair bit less than £10k. I...
  9. rockits

    Quattroporte GTS 2008

    Have to agree I'm afraid. A QP is not all about pace but a 4.2 pushing that lumpy weight needs that extra few horses. The XJL is a big step up in power and the body is aluminium so although bigger it is t any heavier. Being supercharged it pickups and goes well. I'm still keeping an eye out for...
  10. rockits


    Is this the stuff that is the strongest naturally occuring substance on earth? If so remember seeing a documentary years ago on it. Incredible stuff. Naturally occuring in a mollusk's little teeth isn'
  11. rockits

    Quattroporte GTS 2008

    Indeed. A must for me on a GTS.
  12. rockits

    Quattroporte GTS 2008

    Yup seen that one before as well. Nice but I would want my incoming GTS to have Alcantara seat inserts and part door panel trim
  13. rockits

    Hair Transplant/Regrowth Clinics

    Well I can't really offer much advice for your friend I'm afraid Wattie. I had my hair cut last week and went to a new barber but forgot to get him to thin it out and it wasn't cut short enough. Not sure I'll make it to the end of the month at this rate! I'd say to your friend to grow (sorry!)...
  14. rockits

    SM off topic content

    A fair point is the core constant contributors keep this forum updated with their posts and content. The odd newbie who joins, asks a few questions and disappears does not. Of course we need make sure we cater and allow for new members to join then contribute. Similar to how golf clubs (well...
  15. rockits

    SM off topic content

    LOL....I though it might be Not Safe For Women! Strictly I guess personal stuff should never be done at work but we all accept a balance both ways these days. I guess moderation and balance is key. It has sometimes been a problem as a small business and employer that we have had to address...
  16. rockits


    I agree but I guess it is all about setting a precedent. If they let it slide for one then others in future will feel they can achieve the same result. It is like negotiating with terrorists. It is a tough one to find a balance or line on. It does seem that much of the premium cost of a Tesla...
  17. rockits


    How the h3ll does a 2.5t car break in half like this? I have never seen anything like that. I stick to my old school lower tech cars please. I have no desire or need for all this tech in my car. When I went to a Tesla Model 3 event recently it took my 5 mins to work out how to turn the radio...
  18. rockits

    TESLA REMOTELY REMOVING FEATURES Aside from the individual circumstances in this case this would put me right off buying any car like this. For anyone to have so much remote control over a car that myself, my wife and my children may be...
  19. rockits

    SM off topic content

    I agree with most and with most things in life that it is all about balance. I understand Jon your view and do wince a little sometimes same as Andy but it doesn't offend at all. I keep an open mind about most things and for me this is key. Many of our forebears lack this openness of mind and...
  20. rockits

    SM off topic content

    Personally my take is all threads should be allowed to be started and discussed. Then moderated or closed if it gets too heated or one sided or just there for a bashing. We don't have a history of issues and self regulate quite well. Not many threads have been closed. There should be caveats...