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    Granturismo 4.7s pads & discs

    Seems the order didn't get placed?
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    Granturismo 4.7s pads & discs

    Hi. I'm looking to purchase front & read pad & discs and shoes for my 2009 4.7s. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? I seem to recall a previous thread stating a more cost effective option?
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    Granturismo S 4.7 front discs

    How much are you looking for?
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    Insurance time

    I've got a multi car policy with Norton. GT insurance them was cheaper than anyone else on go compare site. However, they are not competitive on the 911 I've just added to the stable
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    Heated Seat Keeps Turning On Even with Switch Off

    Mine does this now & again too but mostly in the winter luckily. I think it's linked to the fan blower. Not done it recently so I will leave until next service.
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    Time to sell the Wife's 3200 GTA (maybe?)

    Very tempted. I've got my mx5 up for sale. If that sells I will be in touch. Misses will castrate me if I increase the fleet before selling one of the current incumbents.
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    Newbie - questions and any for sale?

    Tadders, have you settled on a colour combination? Lots of black cars around, which is why I went for my metallic grey 4.7s. Had her 16 months & only covered 2k miles in that time. Total 39k now. Great car. Highly recommended.
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    Granturismo prices dropping below 25k

    I've seen 2 Granturismo's on Autotrader at under 25k. Haven't looked for a while at prices so was quite surprised. Much more to drop?
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    GTS or R8?

    Collected my 4.7 GTS from MOT station this afternoon. They had an Audi R8 in for a service at the same time. Garage proprietor told me everyone who saw the 2 side by side said they'd take the Maser.. Form is temporary. Class is permanent.
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    GTS Rear Disks

    Thanks Conaero. I will get my friendly local garage to fit them. Would you personally go the pattern route or OEM?
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    GTS Rear Disks

    Hi, my 2009 4.7 GTS has just passed it's MOT with an advisary on the rear disks. Any idea how much it would cost for supply & fit? I assume the pads would be done at the same time.
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    Any seasond house renovators on here?

    Best to get some working drawings done then go out to tender to at least 3 reputable builders for written quotes. Whilst you are getting quotes, submit for listed building consent and get that in place before building works start. If you need any help, let me know. I'm a self employed structural...
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    Seat heater control

    My gt s sometimes does a similar thing, particularly if the aircon is on auto. Car is only used occasionally so I've not investigated further as yet..
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    GT-S buying advice

    Where did you purchase the car from?
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    Northamptonshire owners meet?

    Let me know when and where & I'll try to pop along. Difficult as we have a 2 year old but he likes daddies fast car and the sound it makes so 2ould like to see others!
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    The Granturismo Is No More

    Should be good for residuals until the replacement comes out. There may be a rush to snap up new ones too.
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    went for a Test Drive in the Yellow MC GranTurismo

    That's why it's not sold. Mine was quite a lot less than that.
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    went for a Test Drive in the Yellow MC GranTurismo

    No. Mine's got the normal size ones.
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    went for a Test Drive in the Yellow MC GranTurismo

    Joe Macari's is the same colour inside and out as mine. Looks fab. Mines done 38k and is a year older.