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    Granturismo 4.7s pads & discs

    Hi. I'm looking to purchase front & read pad & discs and shoes for my 2009 4.7s. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? I seem to recall a previous thread stating a more cost effective option?
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    Granturismo prices dropping below 25k

    I've seen 2 Granturismo's on Autotrader at under 25k. Haven't looked for a while at prices so was quite surprised. Much more to drop?
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    GTS or R8?

    Collected my 4.7 GTS from MOT station this afternoon. They had an Audi R8 in for a service at the same time. Garage proprietor told me everyone who saw the 2 side by side said they'd take the Maser.. Form is temporary. Class is permanent.
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    GTS Rear Disks

    Hi, my 2009 4.7 GTS has just passed it's MOT with an advisary on the rear disks. Any idea how much it would cost for supply & fit? I assume the pads would be done at the same time.
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    Heated seats

    First new post on here so forgive me if a silly question. Recently purchased a Granturismo 4.7s auto and took it out for third drive since purchase. Put aircon on and noticed heated seat came on automatically despite control being set to zero. Is this normal? I've not read the manual..
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    Cheapest Granturismo ever?

    2008 Granturismo for £21700. Wow! Hope the link works.