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  1. safrane

    You Tube advice

    Aware their are some avid You Tuber types on here; Is there a way to download a video onto a device to watch later or edit onto other vids to create a playlist off line.
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    For our Lancia lovers
  3. safrane

    Some better news out of Italy
  4. safrane

    The Royale returns

    Clearly trying their best with a pitiful current range... but!!
  5. safrane

    Olive Wood - Long shot!

    OK, a bit left field, but does anyone know of a supplier of Olive Wood logs for burning? I have had a few 'hippo bags' of them before, but at £250 each it is rather pricey... anyone know/have a realistic priced supplier?
  6. safrane

    Anyone want an almost new 4200?

    I see Meridian have another very low miles, older Maserati on their books...
  7. safrane

    Time to SORN

    Well at least there was one last 'Hurrarr' of a summer before I SORN'd the GS again for the winter. Think I did less miles this year than the 800 last year. Need to get a better job that does not ruin most weekends.
  8. safrane

    Goodwood events dates for 2020

    Time to pencil in you motorsport dates. Our 2020 motorsport event dates As we draw a close to our 2019 Goodwood motorsport season, we are pleased to announce our 2020 motorsport event dates. Please note the change of date for the 78th Members' Meeting from 4 - 5 April to 28 - 29 March 2020...
  9. safrane

    Main dealer still prepared to sell a GS in 2019

    Surprised, but pleased to see this for sale at Meridian Modena.
  10. safrane

    Will Lotus ever build it?

    Looks great, but we have seen all this before.
  11. safrane

    Maserati Zagato Monster

    Has this been posted before? Like some aspects of it... but others, well not so keen on
  12. safrane

    Le Mans Classic 2020

    Aware many love the modern 24, but would there be any members interested in next years Classic? Please don't bother with replies saying its not your cup of tea and you prefer the modern version. .. it helps no one.
  13. safrane

    Passenger airbag deactivation

    Its been so long since I drove the car I cant recall if this is normal; When waiting for the warning light to extinguish before starting the GS does the yellow deactivation light flash rapidly for a few seconds before going out. Its the one that displays a rear facing child seat and airbag. It...
  14. safrane

    GTs less than 4200! When did this happen

    In one of those short tea breaks I give myself I perused Auto Trader and much to my surprise found GTs at less than 4200 price point. Non Cat cars with high but not mad miles (51k). OK eyes open and all that... but what a lot of car.
  15. safrane

    A future with Renault?

    Whats the forums view if this come to being?
  16. safrane

    Ferrari invite to Le Mans

    Just received my invite to join Ferrari at le Mans; accommodation, access, shuttle bus, hospitality, lunch and dinner and paddock access. Sounds lovely... Unfortunately they also want €5125 from me for the two of us.
  17. safrane

    Brightest halogen bulbs

    Just bought a runabout which has halogen lights in a projector configuration . This is the first car this millennium that I have purchased with such old lighting tech. I have thought of getting a HID kit, but as I only need this car for a few months I thought I would ask the forum for thier...
  18. safrane

    South West and Wales late spring event at Prescott Hill Climb - May 25/26

    La Vie en Bleu incorporating La Via Rossa Saturday 25 - Sunday 26 May 2019 A celebration of French and Italian cars, music and entertainment Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the Bugatti Owners’ Club 'La Vie en Bleu' returns to Prescott on Saturday 25 - Sunday 26 May 2019. The spectacular...
  19. safrane

    SW and Wales spring drive out April 7th 2019

    Members are welcome to join the above event which will take place on the 7th April 2019. We will be taking in the beautiful Cotswold countryside following the 'blossom route' whilst also stopping off at a pub for a bite to eat mid way. The route will start at Croft Farm where you can grab a...
  20. safrane

    Let the ribbing begin!

    No comments yet... but we all know where this will go.