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  1. montravia

    Contact from HQ

    Just had a call from Maserati HQ this morning. Thought it was a scam at first, but had details sufficient to reassure me. Wished to ensure that I still had the GT, that I was happy with her and what aspect made me have her. Looks puckka, and checked on the Maserati website the responses that I...
  2. montravia

    Damp electrics

    The usual culprits Rear parking sensors Door touch open I had a parking sensor replaced last year by DL Swindon. Fine 1st indication a couple of weeks ago, sensor fail. Ignition of/on and fine. Now permanently "No parking assist" after reverse selected. Today I had difficulty opening the...
  3. montravia

    Admiral Insurance

    I moved to multicar insurance with them last year, making a huge savings over my usual broker. I'm cautious, and I perceive that they are adept at hooking business in. Suspicious of 'loss leader' deals in first year, but without evidence yet. My home and contents insurance is due. I'm sure that...
  4. montravia

    Michelin Pilot Super Sports

    So, I need rear tyres. Currently have P Zeros, which have been fine in 40 degree C South of France two summers ago. But 1000 feet up in the Cotswolds in winter, by gad a gentle foot..... So I've listened to all you boys. I have chosen Michelin for all the cars in the past; They are nice soft...
  5. montravia

    Rear Parking Sensor refixing

    Cleaning the crud off the parking sensors, one popped from its aperture and is inside the bumper. I can retrieve it with wire and hook, but there isn't a means of pressing it back in the hole other than from inside. Having removed the boot lining, the bumber interior isn't accessible from there...
  6. montravia

    Cartronic Byfleet

    Anyone had dealings with these people? Just had a conversation with them concerning my Magneti Marelli NIT. Not sure what to make of it
  7. montravia

    GT NIT White Screen

    Driving me mad, and seem to be going round in circles. I wonder if anyone could suggest what's going on. This a 'Mark 1' Magneti NIT, that is version 7.x Hardware: No USB or Bluetooth. Yes it's rubbish. This isn't the usual repeated rebooting, with the Maserati Logo, that is attributable to...
  8. montravia

    Peter Chambers Automotive - Tewkesbury

    I came across Peter's place by chance. I can see only reference on the forum some time ago. Seemed an interesting set up. A could of RHD Dinos, another Ferrari of a type that looked familiar but can't name, the ubiquitous Porsche, a couple of '60's classics including a...
  9. montravia

    Cup Final Day - The roads are mine

    Just realised that it's cup final day on Saturday. Yeaaah. The roads go quiet mid afternoon. Always a treat.
  10. montravia

    4.7 S Skyhook

    Looking at a 2012 4.7 S I think that by this date, this model came with Skyhook as standard. Is this correct?
  11. montravia

    She's a keeper, I think

    On other threads, I've hinted about the internal debate that I've had on whether to keep my '57 Granturismo, or swap for a younger filly. I'm not bothered about 4.7, certainly happy with the auto box. However, if I kept her I'd probably do the following. I think I've got the costs about...
  12. montravia

    Another wheel - repairable

    Who the he££ did this? I've no idea how this happened. I'm usually acutely conscious of wheel scrapes. This must have happened yesterday. Where, when, how, I've no idea. Enough ranting. Granturismo. I've had wheels refurbished before. This looks bad. Not only the scuff around...
  13. montravia

    Dateless Number plate

    I'm going through agonies. Not sure whether to stay with my current 4.2, or go for a younger 4.7. A bit of the devil one knows...... She's a '57, and just about right for me save for a couple of mods and a threat or two. If I kept her, and as she's such a good sound gal, doesn't look her...
  14. montravia

    Sill Skirt

    Silly chap, scuffed the sill beneath the passenger door, usual hidden high curb. I'm inclined to repair. It looks and feels to be similar to bumper plastic, so would the usual Isopon bumper repair be suitable?
  15. montravia

    After they've gone: The windrush

    6:30 p.m. That's about right. Temple Guiting, up over the top, long shadows, skirting the Slaughters, flick up The Fosse and again rise up on the high road, Fifield, Taynton, on song, road to myself through Burford, quiet as a ghost, cut off through the Barringtons, follow the...
  16. montravia

    Admiral Insurance - I Don't believe it - too good?

    I've just had such a surprise, that I'm not sure that I believe my eyes. Up until last renewal of the GT, I'd used a broker that we'd used for years. Last August's renewal was astronomical, over £1,000. Thanks to perceived recommendation on here, I gave Admiral a go, and they came in about...
  17. montravia

    Headlamp Washer pipe

    It looks like the one headlamp washer pipe has come adrift. The other came adrift but DL fixed it while in for other things. Seems such a trivial thing to take it all the way there for this one. Had a look at the Eurospares diagram...
  18. montravia

    4.2 Standard GT, adding exhaust valves

    I'm happy with my GT. It's a 4.2, and I've decided to keep her. She doesn't however have exhaust valves, and therefore not quite as spectator head snapping in terms of sound. I've read all of the...
  19. montravia

    Flabby springs, bushes and fat blokes

    Just returned home from Dick Lovett's Swindon, after the GT had it's passenger door handle replaced. At the preceding inspection, it was noticed that the offside front tyre was badly worn on the inner edge. Never noticed it, the main flat and outer had plenty of tread and would have only seen it...
  20. montravia

    Jet wash

    Forgive the heinous transgression. I think I need a jet wash. We've moved home still in but deeper In the Cotswolds. We've a combination of rural road, private lane and now gravel forecourt. All the cars get very grubby quickly. To date I've followed the purest route, clean...