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  1. Lavazza

    Modern Classics 2020: GranTurismo

    Not sure if anyone in here picked upon this list? It's about time the GranTurismo received some recognition in the current market.
  2. Lavazza

    Supercarfest 2020

    Last year I was fortunate to get a demonstration drive in my Lotus Exige S at the inaugural 'Supercarfest' at Shelsley Walsh. This year there are 2 events, one at Sywell Aerodrome in May and the other at Shelsley in August. I was very pleased to have my entries...
  3. Lavazza

    The watch thread.

    I couldn't find a dedicated watch thread on SM (forgive me if there is)... I thought it would be fun to have a place on the forum where we could share our enjoyment of watches. If you have a watch you enjoy, feel free to post it here - from Casio to Patek, Pocket Watch to Tourbillon, or...
  4. Lavazza

    Hesitant listing of my GTS...

    Hello folks At the weekend I decided to test the market a little by listing my GTS for sale. In truth, I'm not dead set on selling and feel I might regret it, but I feel a little compelled to reduce what is becoming a bit of a growing car collection. Month after month, there's insurance...
  5. Lavazza

    550 Maranello v 612 Scaglietti

    I'm interested in both the 550 and 612. Never owned a Ferrari before. Prefer manual, but content with F1. Any thoughts welcome. Currently have Granturismo S MC and small collection. Thanks.
  6. Lavazza

    GranTurismo picture thread

    I've not noticed a dedicated picture thread on here, so thought I'd start one. It would be nice to see our cars being used 'out in the wild'. Here's my car this morning...
  7. Lavazza

    McLaren (or other GTS alternatives)

    Hi folks Been enjoying my GTS and have invested in early servicing and preventive maintenance. But... fancy a change and rationalizing a small collection. Anyone here have a McLaren 12C? (Luddite warning, later cars don't float my boat so far, but open to being swayed). As an alternative, I...
  8. Lavazza

    1999 Ghilbli at auction

    Spotted this...
  9. Lavazza

    Trackday at Anglesey 21 May

    There are 2 places remaining at an trackday at Anglesey on 21st April. If you have a Lotus or Caterham type car then you'll probably get in. I'll be going in my Exige. I can try to facilitate entry to this event.
  10. Lavazza

    2009 GTS fault codes

    I have P2187 and P2189 codes, engine too lean at idle. Any ideas why? Otherwise, appears to drive normally. I checked the fuel cap, it's seating correctly and clicks (but doesn't seem to be creating a vacuum when opening)? My other thought was the MAF sensor. Constructive feedback welcome.
  11. Lavazza

    GranTurismo front tyres

    Car has tyres fitted in late March and geo. 9 months and about 3k miles ago; the inner front edges are on their way out. Seems pretty nuts, the rest of the tread width is pretty fresh. Is this normal? What should the geo settings in a 2009 GTS be? I'd expect to get a good 6k miles out of a set...
  12. Lavazza

    Advice welcome - Granturismo 4.7 S buying

    Hi My first post here. I've started looking at buying a Granturismo, pretty much as a daily drive (amongst a small collection of cars that are mainly summer only). I've found a nice looking 4.7 on Autotrader, reg DFZ3565. Auto, no skyhook. 55k miles. Anyone know it? Full Maserati History...