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    Currently tasting a selection of aged/vintage tawny ports at the Graham's port Lodge in Porto. Eb
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    Plenty of them around here! Eb :)
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    Would you still have bought your Granturismo ?

    How on earth would you do a European beano? Without the infrastructure, the electic cars will be completely useless except for short trips from home. Imagine 12 -18 electric Masers on tour? Most would miss the ferry waiting in line for the single charger at the Premier Inn! Eb
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    QP/GT front subframes - the truth

    I think you're hoping that as a result you won't be peeking though a hole you poked! Fingers crossed for you. I have had my underside treated a few years ago and topped up recently. 2007 QP 68K. Mine was ex Ireland before I got it 6 + years ago. No apparent problems reported....:worried1:
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    Terry Jones - RIP

    Lobsters....:) Eb
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    Thermostat / sensor and rad clean

    I think it's because of driving with no front wheels... :) Eb
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    Pic of the day

    I presume you're talking inches? ;) Eb
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    2020 weight loss and fitness accountability club

    Get yourself a personal trainer for a few sessions and see how that goes - They really do work. Eb
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    Normal oil build up?

    This Car just passed its MOT but while they were doing some other remedial work (skimming the front disks as the disks had become warped!) coolant drips were noticed. System pressurised and the culprits were small leaks from the joins to the radiator. All connectors were tightened but I've...
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    Pic of the day

    I have a small collection of Jeffrey West - love their shoes! Eb
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    Granturismo and short journeys

    Duh! Of course! Was a daft question! Eb
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    Granturismo and short journeys

    Daft question. I presume that the engine is sealed so where does the water come from and where can it be expelled once heated? Eb
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    Oh god

    Two scoops! - what is underneath? Eb
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    X pipes

    I wonder how many x / h pipes they have discovered that are blowing? Mine too Eb
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    Britain's worst driven car? Nominations welcome

    Not only a saint but can outcorner Lewis if they so wished (but of course being so saintly they don't!) Eb
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    Window sometimes won't close, or closes in jerky 1-inch increments

    What have I started? Quack! Quack! Broken window regulator temporary fix tape doesn't have quite the same ring to it Eb
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    So it seems it's just physics for real noise cancellation. Must be some psycho-accoustic cleverness / trickery happening in the brain if it works for tinnitus Eb
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    Admirer of Wimbledon Common MC Stradale

    Mrs Eb was taught the clarinet by Uncle Bulgaria, who also doubled as Madame Cholet Eb
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    I find this a bit difficult to comprehend since I presume there is no actual physical sound wave to actually cancel out? Unless the brain can detect the phase of the tinnitus sound wave and the external noise cancellation wave and sum them? Obviously something is working but just not sure what...