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  1. Gp79

    Brake Caliper Overhaul (GS / 4200)

    Picked up a set of used 4200 calipers in the US for a bargain price of £120. My plan is to refurbish them and colour change to red. After 15 years probably due some love. I got a quote to overhaul my existing ones but was put off by the nearly £900 cost. Since the spare set are from a dry state...
  2. Gp79

    Cheap Japanese import GS Interior looks like it needs a bit of work, no history but should be corrosion free.
  3. Gp79

    Wheel colour choice

    Looking to get the wheels refurbed on my GS, currently they’re silver but do prefer the mercury, problem is the calipers are mercury so would be lost. What do you think? Was also thinking about getting the calipers overhauled and re-powder coated at some point...But there is nothing wrong...
  4. Gp79

    This months Classic Cars mag

    There’s a bit about the Bora for anyone interested. It is actually Feb edition, can anyone explain why you buy magazines 2 months early??
  5. Gp79

    Wanted - GS start and sport switch

    Morning all, I’ve managed to damage the start and sport switch on my GS while doing the heater matrix, does anyone have any spares going? Cosmetics not important as it is the actual electrical switch I have damaged so can swap the visible parts over from my old ones. Thanks in advance Greg
  6. Gp79

    Classic cars Magazine

    Small article in this months classic cars mag, values to surge in 2019! Or is that 2029??
  7. Gp79

    Thermostat / sensor and rad clean

    Since I was changing the coolant i thought I’d might as replace the stat and temp sensor, much harder than it sounds due to lack of access, (needs a deep 19mm socket for sensor) allow for skinned knuckles and plenty cursing. Also cleaned the space between ac condenser and coolant rad, this was...
  8. Gp79

    MSP light flashing green on slow right turn

    I've had the MSP light flash green when on a steady right turn, as if the traction control was cutting in, no idea if it actually was as neither braking or accelerating. Only doing 20 mph on right hand corner with a slight dip. Has anyone else had this? Can't see anything by searching the...
  9. Gp79

    Inlet manifold colour

    Finally got round to getting my spare inlet manifold painted, quite like it in black but not sure about the hassle to fit. Thoughts please.
  10. Gp79

    Dye tech cloth?

    The interior of my GS has the light grey tech cloth inserts, it looks like the UV light for the last 13yrs has taken its toll and in certain light conditions the fabric looks slightly pink. I don't really want to retrim the entire interior therefore thought of getting just the tech cloth dyed...
  11. Gp79

    Just run in

    Just shows what mileage even a performance engine can do, unless it has been rebuilt at some point. Cheap (initially!) way into a Useable Ferrari If I...
  12. Gp79

    Wishbone bushes

    Morning all, Need to replace the bushes on my GS - front upper wishbone, has anyone experience of these after market ones? Spoke to the...
  13. Gp79

    Winter overhaul - front subframe

    After making the rear of me GS look like new I am now doing the same to the front... This time with a new front subframe (had a hole poked in it at 2016 MOT). Then powder coat / plate or replace anything else with corrosion. I blame Fat Arnie for inspiring me last year!
  14. Gp79

    Diy Interesting for anyone who does a bit themselves.
  15. Gp79

    Red GS

    Nice low mile GS, i have a soft spot for red. Strong price. No heated / memory seats with full leather is that normal? And no xenons...
  16. Gp79

    GS on piston heads Sensible price private sale, remember seeing a similar one at ADG with red trident a few years back MV54HGZ
  17. Gp79

    Modena visit

    Currently working in Genoa so decided to nip over to Modena for the day. Everything Maserati closed but went to the Enzo Ferrari museum which was very good As so close carried on to see Neptune... Oh well I'll have to go there again to see what's actually under the tent...
  18. Gp79

    Wishbone ball joint repair?

    Has anyone got any further on repairing the ball joints on suspension arms / wishbones? I have an old rear upper with excessive play in the ball joint that I hope could be repaired as there is nothing else wrong with it. In S.A they have been injecting these sort of joints with a molten...
  19. Gp79

    Photo request - rear shock lower mounting

    A favour please. After the rear subframe overhaul I'm concerned I'm missing a spacer or washer on the rear shock lower mounting. Checked ES diagrams and looks like nothing is amiss. The shocks are very close to the drive shafts and can't remember them being this close before, also a lot of...
  20. Gp79

    Reverse lever repair

    Finally got round to fixing the reverse lever, was all loose as the reverse gear lift / locking mechanism was broken. New upgraded part from hill engineering -£100 and works perfectly now, looks much more robust than original. Pic of original broken part: