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  1. leeq61

    High mileage - project 4200

    Just seen this...... That’s good going on the mileage, however I think it now...
  2. leeq61

    Maserati Quattroporte GTS 4.7 Damaged

    Just noticed this, damage doesnt seem too bad to be fair -
  3. leeq61

    No F1 prime or startup

    Hi gents, I’m after some advice if possible please. I’ve been visiting the family over the Easter period, come out to my car (GS) and the car won’t start. No F1 prime and I have the gearbox red light flashing on the dash. I’ve done a battery reset but still the same. The battery is showing good...
  4. leeq61

    Nice Gransport

    Was doing the usual scan through AT/PH/Ebay etc and came upon this, low mileage, good colour Gransport. You dont see many apart from Dave's with mileage this low.
  5. leeq61

    Loz's old Maserati 4200/GS hybrid?

    Noticed this very poor add on Ebay. Isn't this Loz's old 4200 that he placed the GS bumpers etc on?
  6. leeq61

    GS "Air Mass Sensor" OBD code

    Gents, im after some advice please. After some spirited driving this weekend, I've never managed to red lined the GS before but managed to do it this weekend, which was great! Ever since ive done this, i get an engine light appear on my dash upon startup and upon scanning the OBD code i get...
  7. leeq61

    4200 with a Gransport kit

    Just been scanning through PH and came across this. This looks pretty well kitted out with the GS bodykit. I had to look twice, then saw the interior and realised it was a 4200. Must have cost a bit to recreate...
  8. leeq61

    Gransport with many many badges

    Just saw this on Autotrader. Looks a nice car, however I think the owner had a badge fetish...... they’re everywhere.
  9. leeq61

    Gransport rear discs and pads

    Morning all, Just in the process of replacing the rear discs and pads on my Gransport before it comes out of winter hibernation, as the rears where in need of doing based on a service advisory last year. Are the recommended brake pads the EBC Yellow Stuff (DP4612R)? or is there a good...
  10. leeq61

    Brake Disk Skimming?

    Does anyone have any experience with having there brake disks skimmed using the Pro-cut system where the disks are skimmed on the car?. When it was in for a service last, i was advised that my Gransport could do with some new rear disks and was wondering whether this is worthwhile or not in the...
  11. leeq61

    Carbon clutched 4200

    This seems interesting..... Carbon clutch? didn't think this was possible on the 4200/GS
  12. leeq61

    Looks like a very nice Yellow Gransport Spyder

    You don't see too many of these. The Yellow piping on this, suits the car really well.
  13. leeq61

    Cat D Gransport

    Just seen this on EBay I remember going to look at this at a garage in Leicester back in November 2015 and it was a right mess. It was the car originally on Copart. However the new owner seems to have brought it back to life and from the one...
  14. leeq61

    Forum Members old Gransport?

    Am i right in thinking this was a forum members car that was side swiped outside his house whilst he was out? Damage on the surface doesn't look too bad (looks a really nice car). Wasn't this then at Giallo who reported some of...
  15. leeq61

    Large Arched 4200 Spyder

    This is very ermmm Interesting...
  16. leeq61

    Autoshield Maserati

    I had my Gransport in yesterday for its annual service and MOT. What a great bunch of guys, very knowledgable. Spoke to both Russel and Marios who commented on how nice my car was :happy2:. Managed to have a good look around the shop and had a good chat with Russel and Marios about all things...
  17. leeq61

    Nice looking 1 owner QP

    Noticed this as I was doing my nightly browsing. Looks a well cared for example which it says used to belong to the late Duke of Westminster.
  18. leeq61

    What type of Maserati is this??

    I've been trawling the internet on a lazy Sunday afternoon and come across this.... is this someone's not so handy have a go and see what mess I can make of my 4200? Or is this an actual Maserati creation?. Needless to say I think it's rather vile.
  19. leeq61

    GS under fuel flap colour

    Gents, just a quick question with regards to under the 4200/GS fuel flap. Is it usual for the bodywork under here to be a black primer colour surrounding the fuel nozzle or should this be the same colour as the body paintwork? Mine looks abit of a mess, in that's its a black/grey primer colour...
  20. leeq61

    Nice Gransport also known as a Granturismo

    This looks like a nice car, i'm sure I've seen this for sale within the past 12 months when i was looking for mine. However I think the company selling it need to up there game and get the right descriptions etc...