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    Window Switch - 4200

    Where can I purchase a new window lifter switch (driver side)? One of the little pins on either side of the rocker has broken. Looking on Eurospares I could not find the individual switches only the "Complete Dashboard Switch Panel" part No. 208042 Gary
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    Front seat lever issue

    Help needed on the Gransport, On occasions the seat lever does not operate when I tilt the driver seat back section forward. I removed the seat from the car but I could not find where the tilt lever connects to under the seat, I was hoping to find a micro switch. I really wanted to avoid...
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    Gransport Replacing Air conditioning compressor

    Replacing the air conditioning compressor took me under 5 hrs which did include breakfast. Replacing the compressor does not require the removal of the exhaust manifold or the radiator fan assembly either. This is what I did. 1. The day before, I got a mobile car air conditioning mechanic...
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    Wheel alignment - Gransport

    Does anybody know where I can get a wheel alignment who actually know what they are doing in Sydney. Mas
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    Brake Shoe springs

    I need to get replacement brake shoe springs for my Gransport, my understanding they maybe from a BMW car? I have actually ordered new ones as part of an order from Eurospares but this maybe one of the items on back order for another 2 weeks to get them delivered from Eurospares. Any idea what...
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    Replacing a Radiator - Gransport

    Searching the Forums suggested you need to remove the full front bumper section as a prerequisite for replacing the radiator, but I decided to see if it was possible without removing the bumper. Another known option was to remove the complete radiator assembly with the cowling / air con...
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    Maserati 4200 - Sydney

    Hi, Just seeing if there were others in Sydney that are mechanically minded on their Maserati 4200 / GS Mas
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    Battery going flat

    Hi, My battery keeps going flat due to a 180mA constant drain. Based upon this rate the car will not start after about 9 days. Battery is new and correct rating, the NavTrack unit is not connected. Investigation points to the fuses F43 / F44 which relate to the passenger & driver power...
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    Becker Radio - Flashing red light

    There is a small flashing red light on the radio (its located as per arrow on the picture). It only flashes when the ignition is switched off regardless whether the car is locked or not. Any idea what this is used for?
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    Rear suspension leaking

    One of the rear suspension shocks is leaking on my 4200, The car has skyhook suspension. I doubt whether I can get it fixed, is there an after market shock available? I live in Australia. Does anyone know which company actually made them for Maserati as a local company in Sydney said...