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  1. hunta

    Drinks in London - 21 February- nr Waterloo

    Not promising (half term week), but I'll keep my eye on this thread.
  2. hunta

    X pipes

    You have a PM Jon.
  3. hunta

    Maseratis - Spotted

    At last. A post I understand.
  4. hunta

    X pipes

    I've often contemplated swapping my forum X-pipe for an H, and from memory you're not a million miles from me. Know anyone with a set of ramps? (Shame I just spent ££ getting Emblem to stop it blowing...)
  5. hunta

    Marshall Maserati Peterborough Seen the odd post about this place of late. A Marshall Motor Holdings Maserati brand manager has been jailed for 14 months after diverting almost £200,000 of luxury car sales...
  6. hunta


    I'd second the need to get it checked. I get migraines (as well as the epilepsy, see above :D) and your description of this visual aura sounds familiar. Migraines aren't always accompanied by a headache... Definitely worth checking it's nothing else though. Then you can get on with just living...
  7. hunta


    Have you been checked for epilepsy? Does sound a bit like a petit mal seizure. I have grand mals, and mentioned it to a bloke at work once (best to be open about these things!) and he was amazed at recognising some elements of the aura. Turned out he was having petit mals, and it was easily treated.
  8. hunta

    Maseratis - Spotted

    Two black GTs around 4pm this afternoon in Amersham, one "100 MAS". Managed to flash both but not sure either saw my black GS.
  9. hunta

    Flat screen TV advice

    Go to Currys, take your wallet, job done. You need to see them to assess picture quality, which isn't difficult, and if there's one thing teenagers can talk about it's tellies. And class A drugs.
  10. hunta

    Water in the boot

    Had this on a 4200 as well. Took a while to work it out... I don't know whether the QP has the same bucket well but a prime suspect if so.
  11. hunta

    Wheels in Motion

    Another recommendation here for Wheels In Motion. I've used them for the GS and the family run around. No brainer for me as I'm even closer than Mark - 5 mins walk - so all here welcome to PM me with expectations of a cuppa while you wait!
  12. hunta

    Christmas 2019

    You're counting. Impressive.
  13. hunta

    Advice on car for daughter

    We bought a Fiesta a few years ago for the school run having heard from a number of sources that you couldn't go wrong with them. Fantastic cars. Sounds like you know that already if she's had one before. In terms of the particular example you're looking at, usual rules apply - service history...
  14. hunta

    New Maserati sports car spy shots

    I read it was the engine they're testing and that therefore the body shape is neither here nor there?
  15. hunta

    What financial investments would you make for a child?

    Boring answer - set up a bare trust with godson named as recipient and parent(s) as trustee. Take your pick from a raft of products and therefore asset classes from the likes of Hargreaves Lansdown et al. He should get good capital growth over the long-term and it creates a convenient pot for...
  16. hunta

    Esure insurance

    Never had to claim from them but have taken out car insurance with them in the past. House insurance was with them too when a mains-fed elbow joint blow into a tanked basement while we were away for the weekend. The whole experience could not have been made less unpleasant from start to finish...
  17. hunta

    Classic Ferrari or buy to let?

    Err... I'm going with no. And these days I'm not sure you can invest in property in the same way as you used to either.
  18. hunta

    Classic Ferrari or buy to let?

    300k in property and something a little less exotic with the balance?
  19. hunta

    Aerial Positions

    I've had a 2005 4200 and now have a 2005 GS. The 4200 had FM and satnav via the screens with no aerial. The GS has a bee-sting up top. Life is too short to fathom why.
  20. hunta

    Where to service in Kent ?

    Unfortunate that AV are unable to accommodate. If you can make the logistics work Myles at Emblem will certainly leave no stone unturned in accurately assessing the state of the car.