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  1. Vampyrebat

    Rayban Wrap-arounds

    Thinning out my collection of classic Rayban sunglasses with this pair of classic wraps, in tortoise shell with cloth and case. They are sold as used, but in fact are brand new as I have never worn them. I bought them because they reminded me of the classic glasses Raf was wearing when he had...
  2. Vampyrebat

    Imports from USA

    I have been having discussions with a chap about buying his 1970 Karmann Cab Beetle. He has informed me that on the documentation it says 'Salvage'. He spoke to a VW specialist who informed him that this is quite often the case as many of the imports come from salvagers. So, would I be right in...
  3. Vampyrebat

    Don't See These For Sale Very Often!!

    I guess it's a marmite car but I love it or not these cars are as rare as Rocking Horse teeth or is it Hen's Poo??!!!
  4. Vampyrebat

    Still Some Good People Around!!

    I have been in contact with a gentleman regarding a part for my Barchetta worth, I guess about £30 + delivery. When I asked him how much he wanted, this is the reply I got............. ____ From: Gmail <> Sent: 24 November 2019 18:04 To: Stuart Major Subject...
  5. Vampyrebat

    Calling All 3200 Owners!!

    Just to let you know that SupranoStu has 2 whole 3200's he is breaking for spares...
  6. Vampyrebat

    Maserati 4200GT Gear Stick Gaiter

    I have a spare manual gear stick gaiter I had made in a nice soft black leather, this includes the plastic insert and plastic base. This was only used a couple of times so is still 'as new' condition. Is just surplus to requirements. Asking £40 which is less than it cost to have fabricated.
  7. Vampyrebat

    Grigio Alfieri Paint Code

    Having a bit of a blonde moment!! Is this the badge under my bonnet that holds the paint code for my car. Getting my new splitter painted and need to give them the code.
  8. Vampyrebat

    Any One Fancy a Small Project??

    Came across this on ebay and thought it might be of interest to someone looking for a rolling project. Pros:- Cabriolet with operating roof Price £13,999 or lower offer Mileage 46k Very rare manual gear box in a cab No Cat rating Interior appears to be in good condition (apart from some wear to...
  9. Vampyrebat

    The HSCC Oulton Park Gold Cup - Oulton Park (International) Bank Holiday Monday 26th August

    Dave Morris Contacted me yesterday to invite 'us lot' to join in for a free day of showing our cars and watching the racing events. Regrettably, I shall be in an other country working on my tan! But if anybody wishes to attend the event then just let me know and I shall PM Dave's details on to...
  10. Vampyrebat

    I'm Guessing this is a 037 Replica!

    A lot of money if so, it says comes with Montecarlo body parts so I assume it is a kit............Not exactly a great informative description, and that's being kind!
  11. Vampyrebat

    Badge and Vent Cover Refurbishment

    Tips for anyone wanting to do this. As many people will have this fading on their Giugiaro badges like mine. I purchased 2 new badges that are protected with a clear domed rubber/plastic (same size slightly different design) off ebay for £5 only Masking tape around badge for location. Double...
  12. Vampyrebat

    4200 Face-Lift/GS Front Bumper Splitter Under Sheild

    Anyone got one of these going spare?? Any condition considered. I'm pretty sure they are the same part shared for the 42FL and the GS
  13. Vampyrebat

    Is it Me??!!

    Or does this 42 seem to 'morph' into a totally different colour to the rear??
  14. Vampyrebat

    I Hate Drug Dealers

    Even more now!!
  15. Vampyrebat

    Got to Love This Persons Ad Title!
  16. Vampyrebat

    Spot The Mistake!

    Came across this advert and noticed an error in the description.
  17. Vampyrebat

    Any Cyclist Enthusiasts Fancy This
  18. Vampyrebat

    Has Anyone Seen This Before??

    This was posted on the Maserati FB page yesterday.............I can see the Zagato influence in it for sure. I quite like it! It reminds me a bit of the Lancia Hyena which is not a bad thing.
  19. Vampyrebat

    Google Earth

    Anybody else's car feature on Google Earth? Mine appears in the works car park, my favorite spot as it is on the end and is 1.5 times larger than the others so less chance of getting any dings!! Strangely, the plan view of the site (before zooming in) shows a silver Fiat Barchetta in my parking...
  20. Vampyrebat

    Maserati 4200GT For Sale (FLORIDA)

    To any forum members over in the USA or for import. I have offered to put this advert on the forum for him. 2002 Maserati Coupe 4200GT (true 6 speed manual gearbox) Stunning Rosso Mondial with Nero leather interior Covered 94k miles All service/maintenance records in hand since 2003. Located...