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  1. leeq61

    Fob duplication

    I've had a couple done by Timpsons. They have been the standard none remote keys (Just for a spare) for both my Audii TT and my Alfa Brera.
  2. leeq61

    Time to SORN

    Mines also been SORN’d today. Whilst not a great summer I have used the GS more than I did the year before.
  3. leeq61

    New Maserati QUATTROPORTE GTS owner here ......

    Sounds great, Welcome to the forum too. What colour is the GTS? Any pictures :-) .
  4. leeq61

    Gransport or Granturismo?

    I had driven both the GT & GS before I made my decisions. As many have stated above, they’re both great cars. The GT for me felt too big, although it did feel more modern than the 4200/GS. The GS ticked all the boxes for me in that when I drive it, I feel special and I suppose I always wanted...
  5. leeq61

    The Low Loader Thread

    This was mine a few months back on its way to Autoshield. It kept dying when I put my foot on the accelerator. The car would get to 1500rpm and cut out - after a new F1 pump (I fitted) and new clutch it ended up being the gearbox ECU. Thanks to Marios and the guys at Autoshield, it’s all sorted...
  6. leeq61

    Larini H pipe

    I'm assuming this is for a 4200/GS based on Mr S profile picture.
  7. leeq61

    Doug Demura finally reviewed the Granturismo

    I think this guy is a bit of a C**K
  8. leeq61

    Pistonheads recommend buying a Gransport quickly.. at £20k

    ADG has that up for sale a while back. Belonged to a reality Tv family who traded it in for a GT MC from what I recall. It was the one with the Red Trident on the front grill.
  9. leeq61

    High mileage - project 4200

    Just seen this...... That’s good going on the mileage, however I think it now...
  10. leeq61

    Never seen a GS this colour...

    Yeah agreed @redysonnylee. I don’t like the dark headlights and rear lights neither but the owner must have liked it, so each to there own .
  11. leeq61

    Another 4200 Project Commences.....

    Looks good Rockits, anything wrong with it or does it just need a general tidy up?
  12. leeq61

    No F1 prime or startup

    Hi guys. I followed the instructions Re the bleed screw and checked fluid levels etc and the reservoir is more or less full. I can start the car, it will go into 1st Neutral and Reverse no problems when I change the gears, no gear box light. Then when I put my foot on the accelerator to move the...
  13. leeq61

    No F1 prime or startup

    Thanks, that’s really helpful. I’ve read that many articles over needing it to be bled by the dealer computer. I’ll give it a go tomorrow evening once I have the Tutela CS fluid and see how it goes then if all is well, i’ll make sure I add it onto the annual service next year to get it bled...
  14. leeq61

    No F1 prime or startup

    After trying a new battery, I've found that the f1 pump was pretty much on it's last legs. It would sometimes work and sometimes wouldn't, so i thought i would change it out for a new one as the car looks like its on the original. This has took me a week or so on and off of an evening whilst the...
  15. leeq61

    Maserati Quattroporte GTS 4.7 Damaged

    Just noticed this, damage doesnt seem too bad to be fair -
  16. leeq61

    No F1 prime or startup

    Thanks gents. What brand of battery would you recommend?. I’ve got a Yuasa on it at the minute, any other recommendations or just stick with a Yuasa battery.
  17. leeq61

    No F1 prime or startup

    Thanks Matt, that’s really helpful. It was in N, so no gear to select as for the battery, I’ve ha a few issues lately with it even after being on the Ctek where when I try to start it just cackles and doesn’t start until I do a quick battery reset and the battery seems to then have enough power...
  18. leeq61

    No F1 prime or startup

    Hi gents, I’m after some advice if possible please. I’ve been visiting the family over the Easter period, come out to my car (GS) and the car won’t start. No F1 prime and I have the gearbox red light flashing on the dash. I’ve done a battery reset but still the same. The battery is showing good...
  19. leeq61

    Nice Gransport

    Was doing the usual scan through AT/PH/Ebay etc and came upon this, low mileage, good colour Gransport. You dont see many apart from Dave's with mileage this low.
  20. leeq61

    EuroSpares re-manufactured GS wheels

    @philgarner Sure no worries at all. I've been keeping a lookout on the internet for a while for a 2nd hand alloy and they all seem to be either the wrong colour or have cracks and welds all over them.