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  1. Delmonte

    Go Compare insurance quote

    Just got an amazing quote to renew the 4200 insurance. Off Go Compare it’s £310, (car garaged, 5k a year, me and wife both 48 yo, stated value 22k, me with 3 points SP30, hers clean, £250 excess but effectively zero excess due to that also covered. 11y NCB protected). This seems ridiculously...
  2. Delmonte

    Britain's worst driven car? Nominations welcome

    Used to be generally regarded as RS Audis. But now so ubiquitous hard to differentiate. Recently I've noticed a serious pretender to the throne - the Ford Ranger. These pointless and vile yank boxes seem to be perpetually driven by colossal bell ends. Pulling out in front of you then crawling...
  3. Delmonte

    The battery

    I know that the battery has a reputation for being ****... However. I last drove the car on 30th Dec. It was a 250 mile journey. Car has been in the garage until today, when I try and start it, and its flat. Surely they arent meant to be that bad, and its new battery time? While on the...
  4. Delmonte

    How do you open the boot with the battery switched off...

    So I charge the battery on trickle with battery switched off... it’s fully charged, so I remove charger and switch back on.... or so I thought... slam boot shut and it appears I haven’t turned it completely dead....can’t open boot.... can get in car, (though now can’t shut the door...
  5. Delmonte

    Buying a house at auction, anyone done it?

    I’m considering buying a house at auction for buy to let (on a mortgages). It will be my second BTL, but never used an auction. I’m told you pay a 10% cash deposit on hammer fall (not a problem) but then have only 4 weeks to get the rest of the cash, which both my solicitor and mortgage...
  6. Delmonte

    GS back boxes on 4200?

    Considering these for mine. Whats the deal with this? I assume they fit no problem. So do you get the throttle valve noise thing if you fit them? Or is there other bits you have to buy to get that? And assuming it all works, what's the noise difference like compared to the stock 4200?
  7. Delmonte

    4200, 2005 Facelift, wheels with tyres, SOLD

    I have a set of these for sale having finally plumped for Gransport wheels. These are extremely good nick; no curb damage, just a couple of tiny paint chips on the facing spokes of some of them. Hardly need a refurb at all. The fronts, annoyingly, have some slight scratches on the spokes where i...
  8. Delmonte

    4200 engine light

    The dreaded light with the engine picture on it... Only just noticed this, so may or may not be new. But it stays on when you put key in, after all the other lights have come on and gone off again. Only goes off when you fire up, after about 2 seconds of firing. Normal? (2005 Facelift) Cheers
  9. Delmonte

    Formula Dynamics wheels for 4200, 18 inch please

    Finally sold the 19s. Want some 18s. Anyone got any for sale? I intend to refinish so colour and minor scuffs not relevant. PMs pls
  10. Delmonte

    4200 Battery stuff

    My battery has gone flat for the first time... Anyway, apologies if this is all basic stuff, but ive never given these much thought with previous cars, ive just steamed in and done what the ****, but: Are there any issues with jump starting the car? Is my battery sealed or 'standard'? (I have a...
  11. Delmonte

    How to remove this interior piece from a 4200 facelift

    As title says; I want to remove this piece to send to Lorenzo for finishing. I'd really like to not have to remove the full console if at all possible... Creating new rattles is my biggest fear in life... Anyway, i mean this piece, the plate that holds the cupholder, ashtray, mirror controls...
  12. Delmonte

    Glove box rattle - 4200 facelift

    I know it’s Italian and we have to suffer rattles... but there’s one that bugs the **** out of me. Glovebox rattle. Its a very light, high frequency one on uneven surfaces and is almost certainly the lock / catch assembly, as it disappears when you drive with it open. Also, you can waggle the...
  13. Delmonte

    CC Gearshift software

    Urban legend has this as being the same hardware as Alfa sillyspeed / 4200 CC (pre 2005) 4200 CC (post 2005) / 360 F1, with the only difference being speed of change (in ascending order as listed) and this comes from the software. That being the case, can we just reprogram to get a faster...
  14. Delmonte

    Nice drives Northern France

    Looking at going to le mans classic, though not till 2020. Anyway, struggling to find some apparently nice drives, not familiar with the area. Any Le Mans fanatics or anyone who knows the area? We will need to get down from Zeebrugge ferry and intend to stop at Honfleur (North Coast) on the way...
  15. Delmonte

    4200 Strange rattle at idle, after being left to warm up

    I wondered if anyone knows about this, its bugging me. My 4200 facelift starts up fine and makes all the right noises. If you then stick in neutral and leave idling for 5-10 minutes, suddenly there is a nasty metallic rattle that starts up and stays. Sounds like exhaust / heatshield /propshaft /...
  16. Delmonte

    Formula Dynamics(Larini) wheels for 4200 / Gransport for sale

    As title I have a set of these for sale. 100% mint and boxed, never used, for sale. They're not cheap, but tbf they never are, these. Still looking for £500 less than Larini would want... Only reason I'm selling is ive decided i'd quite like same wheels in a different colour and maybe prefer...
  17. Delmonte

    Formula Dynamics wheels (4200, 2005 facelift)

    Has anyone fitted these without problems? Or even with problems? I recently purchased a set (19 inch) brand new boxed & mint, albeit from a private seller. I was somewhat miffed to find, despite being told otherwise, that the original bolts can’t be used and I had to buy a set of small head ones...
  18. Delmonte

    Silverstone Classic, July

    Does anyone here go to this? I go most years, but previously been on Alfa stand, (or not on any stand, but in attendance, and / or drinking beer on the campsite. Lots and lots of beer). Its a good weekend, theres always a strong Masser presence. I wondered if it was more Maserati Club UK (or...
  19. Delmonte

    'Mint' 4200 facelift wheels, with good tyres

    Hi, i'm selling my original 18" 4200 facelift wheels, purely to buy tyres for my new 19" Formula Dynamics wheels. They're in really amazing nick, shame to sell them really. Here is the Ebay ref: 202319677487 Full link...
  20. Delmonte

    4200 Facelift floor mats

    I'm not over keen on my carpet mats (first world problems eh). It's the plastic sections where you put yer feet, although practical and hard wearing, I expected something more luxurious. Such as something like the ones in my GTV, full carpet with fetching monograms perhaps. At first I thought my...