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    Upgrading to a Strad

    Great review of the car and also the dealership. Enjoy it!
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    McLaren Manchester - shudder

    I watched this as well earlier, pretty concerning. I've not seen much of the chaps content but from what I have, he seems quite reliable. I'm fairly local to Mclaren Manchester and in fact looked at a 650s there a while back. Sales team seemed alright on that occasion but then again that's no...
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    Back in the world of Maserati

    Lovely looking car, enjoy!
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    Maserati owners list.....please add your Maserati!

    Merak SS: 1 Belfry Khamsin: 1 Khamsin433 Bora: 1 Team CGR Merak: 1 Pete BiTurbo: 2 Outrun, Bonnett 2.24v Biturbo Spyder Zagato: 3 Cedfred Needamaser Minardirule Shamal: 1 Merak_SS Ghibli: 5 Simon M, JDB, spacecadet, Hurricane52, Bonnett Ghibli GT: 3 Malc, Ian Roberts, Rcw13 Ghibli Cup: 2...
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    TPMS & Parking Sensor Gremlins - QPV GTS

    Yeh I get the parking system unavailable message intermittently and one of my rear sensors is a dodgy connection coming back from the dead every now and again so makes sense that it shuts down. Maybe just try replacing it and see what happens. I've just given up on parking sensors, they will...
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    Picking up my GT S MC

    Enjoy it, great gearbox. Post some pictures when you have it!
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    My not so new 2-seater Strad

    Love the idea of StradFest. We might struggle to get approval for the Db noise regs from some councils :D!
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    MC Stradale purchase!

    Thanks for bringing me into the official fold :)! Hopefully see a few of you on the road.
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    My not so new 2-seater Strad

    Thank you all for the kind words and after seeing that video, I’m now sorely tempted :oops:. Would love to have heard it from the pit wall as well whilst you were hurtling down the straight! Already thinking of options of where to road trip it next year to get some more miles on it. I’ve always...
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    My not so new 2-seater Strad

    Hi everyone! Long time lurker here with a bit of a rubbish posting history but looking to change that. More importantly though, I wanted to introduce myself and my beloved car. It's a 2-seater strad in Grey that I first fell in love with about 5 years ago when I saw it for sale at Manchester...
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    MC Stradale Centennial- good price?

    I've been tracking the stradale market and similar cars keep cropping up or stick around for a while. 2 seaters seem to be around the 55-60k mark at the moment but trade values are anything from £32-42k (the higher being lancaster maserati). Quite a big delta there...especially for the ones on a...
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    To Strad or not to Strad....

    Just double checked my emails, reg was BX12CYJ on the one I test drove so not sure if anyone has seen the reg on this one. It was the exact same spec. Unless someone bought it and sold it back to Redline within a few months?
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    To Strad or not to Strad....

    I was interested in this particular car a while back but different life priorities got in the way and they never came back to me with a chop in price for my C63 so I lost interest in my convoluted man maths :). I test drove it in Feb 2017 and looking back at my email comms, it was £5 short of...
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    What's happened to the Gran Turismo?

    Thank you sir! Is there an easy fix so I don't make the same mistake in the future? Cars certainly look better the right way up.
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    What's happened to the Gran Turismo?

    urgh...I tried posting this 5 times editing the picture on my phone and mac but it still comes out upside down sorry! You get the idea :).
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    What's happened to the Gran Turismo?

    Came across this lovely coloured facelift whilst having a look around Manchester Maserati at the weekend. Looking at the piece of paper on the windscreen, it appeared to be a car for a very lucky customer. Maybe we won't see many of these around then from now on :(.