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    Terry Jones - RIP

    Always look on the bright side of life.... Terry Jones dies at 77, RIP to the power house of Python's humour. "He's not the Messiah; he's a very naughty boy!"
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    67 Ferraris for only 65 euros! Check out the adjacent lots too!
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    Time to flex those charitable feelings...

    I’m officially registered in the Regatta London - Big Ben Challenge, this is on 29th September, to kayak from Putney to Big Ben and back, 12 miles. I’m fundraising for Kidney Care UK. Donate to Newton's JustGiving page Here and thanks all.
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    All you 'winchers'

    Matt, et al, This could be a very good deal for your green lane or yacht trailer antics!
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    Welding hazards & HSE

    I'm sure any of you involved with welding are going through the massive campaign by the HSE ongoing regarding the latest information about mild steel being added to the list of materials discovered to produce carcinogenic fumes when welded. It seems they are also adding into that grinding as...
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    Not Brexit

    Somnething other than Brexit has actually made it on to the statute books, having gained Royal Ascent this week: Parking Code of Practice Bill 2019 Not before time the parking cowboy companies (born from the ban on clamping on private land) have finally been wound in. Lets hope the Code of...
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    Wow - how badly can you make an advert???

    Anyone inspired to buy this unloved Cat C shed??? Shed
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    VW T32 Transporter - good or bad?

    Thought I'd ask opinion on here about VW Transporters (modern ones), particularly 4motion and semi-auto boxes. Having bought the Volvo half-cocked with information and got burned with a crumbling gearbox on an otherwise bomb-proof vehicle I am anxious to hear what peoples opinions and...
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    Anglia Car Auctions - January Classic Sale

    There is some rubbish and some rare but one stand out for me is the Ferrari 330 GT 1964 ACA link Easy to dismiss but take another or longer look at it and actually it has an awful lot going for it, true lots of little bits are missing but they are available, take a quick look online; I found...
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    Dartford Tolls abolished!

    Given that the UK Government reneged on the promise that the tolls would be scrapped when the bridge was paid for, which it was by 2003, please feel free to add your name to this petition to get it done. Note the excuse given was the tolls were maintained to 'allow traffic flow to be controlled'...
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    Grace Millane -Murder

    This whole story is Bl00dy awful enough, this morning NZ police have announced it is now a murder investigation and will be charging a man later today. I have just found out the family are friends of one of my clients employees I’ve worked closely with for 10 years, he has a daughter also on...
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    o2 sucks

    o2 service sucks today; no mobile data since early this morning and since 16.00 no phone signal either...
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    Cheap four post lift

    Anyone looking for one at the moment; doesn't say if it is single or three phase but mostly they are the latter.
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    Stan Lee -RIP

    Stan Lee dies at 95, not a bad innings, ledgend of a man, created so many characters in his long career. Loved his cameo rolls in the movies.
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    I have been thinking a lot lately about amongst other things, loosing weight, getting fitter, doing something amazing and a major charity pledge. I have had some daft ones and some more realistic ones but the top idea so far, given my dodgy knees, is as follows: To kayak from up stream of the...
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    GS central locking

    Question folks; I didn’t get to unblock the pollen filter drain and have a very soggy passenger footwell today, central locking is not functioning on the plip key but alarm is setting. Do we think the two are linked?
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    Garage kit

    Anyone interested in commercial workshop equipment including some single phase two post lifts (albeit Chinesium) this auction in Newbury could be a cheap resource...
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    SportsMaserati MOB 2018 (Monaco And Busted)

    22-29th September 2018 will see an official SportsMaserati continental adventure entitled: 'SportsMaserati MOB 2018' Departing 22nd September and returning 30th September (or at your own pace) with the goal being to tie up with The Monaco. Looking for a limit of 20 cars and in the forum...
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    MkI Golf Caddy Pickup wanted

    Just putting out a general request if anyone has one squirrelled away or knows of one languishing on a farm etc. My middle lad doesn't look like he wants to get back on a bike so is looking for alternatives and fancies one of these as a nice easy mechanical beast to cut his teeth on.
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    So the weakling asthmatic Khan has today introduced his anti-diesel charge on the centre of London; this does however also hit a good many older petrol engines vehicles including 4200 & GS and older... Just a heads up! At the moment it is only to Euro3 and does not include motorcycles but...