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  1. Oneball

    Hotel Recommendation

    Following the sage advise given in the last hotel thread, I thought I’d ask here. It’s coming close to the biennial Christmas at the Inlaws in Deal, Kent. Instead of driving all the way from Worcester in one go I’d thought we’d stop off on the way for a change. So looking for somewhere to...
  2. Oneball

    1974 Kawasaki H1E SOLD

    Following the SM Motorbike thread, I've got my butt into gear and am getting round to selling my 1974 Kawasaki H1E. The missus is over the moon! This is last of the full power triples before they were de-tuned. It was originally a US bike and was imported to this country a few years ago, the...
  3. Oneball

    Importing a Car from the US

    Does anyone know what duty is payable on a 1960s car imported to this country from the USA? My google foo has let me down and I keep coming up with conflicting information. Cheers Tim
  4. Oneball

    Workshop Manuals Various ALL GONE

    I'm having a tidy and would like these gone but just chucking them seems wrong. All prices exclude postage, I'll be at a number of race and hillclimbs throughout the year so you can also collect. Prices reflect my idea of what their worth, beer accepted in lieu. Jaguar repair operation...
  5. Oneball

    Replacement for the 3200

    With the Maser gone and summer arriving, possibly, I’ve bought a replacement. Couldn’t bring myself to have another Maserati just yet so discounted a GranTurismo, decided against a Boxster and couldn’t really afford a late enough 911. Time for a convertible again me thinks so I’ve gone for the...
  6. Oneball

    3200GT Assetto Corsa SM Anti Roll Bar SOLD

    Unused SportsMaserati forum group buy 3200GT Assetto Corsa front anti roll bar. Made by Cornering Force to be a copy of the updated one fitted to the Assetto Corsa cars. Available now and at a discount
  7. Oneball

    3200GT Workshop Manuals SOLD

    Colour reproductions of the factory manuals. In 3 volumes; engine, vehicle and electrical. SOLD
  8. Oneball

    Keyless Entry/Go Security

    My Dad has just got a new car with keyless go and we were having a chat about the stuff in the news regarding them getting nicked. You can’t turn the feature off so what do you do or is it not that much of a risk?
  9. Oneball

    Alfa V6

    As there are quite a few Alfa nuts on here I just wanted to pick the collective knowledge, does the Busso V6 have any particular week points, everything I’ve heard says they’re very robust?
  10. Oneball

    How to Sell a Maserati

    Any opinions on where and how to sell my car? Sale or return/private/part ex? PistonHeads/Autotader/eBay/Car and Classic? Part it out in bits/do an Elvis :firing5:?
  11. Oneball

    3200 GT Power Steering Pump

    Went to take the car out to see if it is running ok and when turning the wheel when stationary I get a really nasty vibration through the rack. There is some axial play (end float) in the steering pump and either bubbles or metal in the fluid, I'm guessing I'm going to have to change the pump...
  12. Oneball

    2001 3200GT Sold

    2001 Maserati 3200 GT in Blu Sebring with Avorio leather, 25,840 miles. Passenger and driver’s heated memory seats, Auditorium audio and electronically adjustable suspension. Made in 2001 this car benefits from the modifications to the later 3200GT. MOT till August 2019 with no advisories. 3...
  13. Oneball

    3200GT Intake Manifold Paint

    Has anyone successfully painted/refinished the silver crackle on the 3200GT intake manifold and coil covers? I’ve searched but can’t find silver crackle paint and also don’t think the manifold will fit in my oven.
  14. Oneball

    3200GT Acceleration

    Quick question for those with a manual 3200, when you are accelerating and change into the next gear does yours fall off boost? For example in mine when I’m in 2nd gear and accelerating full throttle all the way to max revs (not hitting the limiter) then I change into 3rd there is a delay...
  15. Oneball

    3200GT No Power

    Just went for a drive and got a few miles and it lost power over about 2k, and the throttle doesn't respond as normal below this. Slightly off at idle but not a missfire Takes a good few turns to start No error lights Throttle opens fully Maybe turbos? But why would they both fail and would...
  16. Oneball

    Alfa 916 RH Door Mirror Glass

    Free to a good home. Driver’s (RHS) Alfa 916 door mirror glass, heated, wide angle, blue tint.
  17. Oneball

    Tyre Recommendations

    I need some new tyres on my 3200GT, does anyone have an opinion on what to get? When I changed from Bridgestone to Michelin on the Alpina I wasn’t that enamoured but each car is different.
  18. Oneball

    External Temperature Sensor

    Has anyone changed the external temp sensor? Mine has always been wrong but is now messing up the AC. Does the mirror glass just lever out/unclip and you can get to it from there?
  19. Oneball

    Memory Seat Repair & Seat Base Removal

    I fixed the seat back on my car the first week I had it but the memory function has never worked on the driver’s side. To get to the switches you need to remove the seat base. To do so you need to remove the two plastic pins from the white plastic clips and then lever the clips out of the...
  20. Oneball

    Granturismo 4.2

    Shiltech have a couple of 4.2 for sale at the mo but there doesn’t seem to be much love for 4.2 on here and I was wondering why?