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  1. rs48635

    Normal oil build up?

    Snap. - The QP needs no top up. The 166 drank like Elizabeth Taylor, without the looks.
  2. rs48635

    Go Compare insurance quote

    Are these on a classic policy now?
  3. rs48635

    Granturismo and short journeys

    my QP with DS does short journeys to and from train station - mixed with longer blasts and weekend jolly drives. Just drive it, why save it for best and drive a ******* to work? Surely the worst wear to the engine is the act of starting. So every journey is "bad", just feels better to do a...
  4. rs48635

    SM Geneva Motorshow 7/3/20

    might be up for the Modena trip.
  5. rs48635

    HELP ! Can’t clear Multiple dash warnings

    Failed OSR bearing meant replacement. Few months later had ABS sensor fault on my OSF during MOT so another bearing / ABS sensor replaced. Also had alternator replaced in the last 18months. The faults might still be battery / voltage related. Remove battery and get it on a decent charger...
  6. rs48635

    2020 Events

    only twenty minutes from mine so will be there too. we must live opposite sides off the venue as I have never heard your motor starting up in the morning ;)
  7. rs48635

    3200 Roose motorsport silicone boost & coolant hose kits with SS clamps: unused for sale

    guess my 2001 AC will be a series 2. How can I tell?
  8. rs48635

    Harry’s Garage Quattroporte GTS

    I used to be in the flat six tribe, so understand the 964 3.8 RS premium. The cooking 964 was always the "neighbour with herpes" at the school disco, only ever seen with a drunk ginger kid who just moved to our neighbourhood. The 964 RS was always a good car, but well used models were less...
  9. rs48635

    Harry’s Garage Quattroporte GTS

    That is exactly my rationale, but then again I am on the bones of my ****. Bought in in 2014 for 18k so if it is now worth nothing I am happy with the depereciation. I could have walked away from a leased <insert generic sporty saloon> car with the same size hole in my pocket. I now look...
  10. rs48635

    Alfieri update

    top pic very much a rebadged Ferrari to my eyes. Not a bad thing, but choosing the ******* son instead of the thoroughbred takes a special kind of
  11. rs48635

    This QP price dropping.

    not a fan of many jags, especially saloon but the XJC does have something. It also came with a ruinous V12 which is an itch I want to scratch.
  12. rs48635

    Heel and Toe

    top tips from mr Senna. The throttle stabbing on exit looks like a fun thing to try. On a track day! Noticed that revs only dip briefly below 6000 rpm 8-) and uses all the rev range
  13. rs48635

    Christmas 2019

    amen to that. So many times I have tried to bring any big tool into the house, been sent packing. "I only want to bring it in to warm up".
  14. rs48635

    This QP price dropping.

    The GT is pretty much the same car underneath, same engines for sure. Have not actually driven the GT myself - which surprises me as the words appear here. There will always be initial halo effect to coupe of any range, due to half century of slick marketing. I fall for it myself often, but...
  15. rs48635

    SM Xmas doo

    Is the do still on? Have a favour to ask from anyone in Southampton. I have rear tyres sitting in Matt's workshop which would be better fitted to my car. Can someone bring them up to the Ace or karting please?
  16. rs48635

    QPV tyres

    Echo advice form dicky grace - the manual does need to be checked. Pick any brand or price remembering that contact patch with the road is about the size of your own hand per wheel, so less than ten percent of your purchase is doing the gripping. My experience of repeated kerb damage leads...
  17. rs48635


    Happy with any of the food. Sorry I been absent for a while.
  18. rs48635

    Alternative parts, what everyone needs to know...

    thanks guys - bought two bosh units SP 18 and SP17. See how they fit at weekend