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  1. davy83

    Oh god

    I had a californian with the 1100 cc engine, bored out to 1260 and twin strombergs, and the full king pin fix to straighten up the front and it was pretty good really.
  2. davy83

    3200 not starting

    Well perhaps your car is broken? Apart from there being no point in touching the gas pedal when starting because the ECU ignores pedal demand when starting, it does do an idle output check on the pedal sensor on start up so if its pressed it will cause problems, best avoided.
  3. davy83

    3200 not starting

    Under no circumstances ever touch the gas pedal on a 3200 while starting, almost guaranteed to throw an ECU error. starting procedure is crank engine don't touch the pedal, the eCU does all the tweaking to get it to fire up automatically.
  4. davy83

    gauge cluster not illuminating when headlight are on

    yes the dimmer control is often flakey, have you tried just turning it back and forward a few times see of the lights come on while you are doing this?
  5. davy83

    3200 not starting

    12.1!!!! really. This seems pretty severe. I presume you are now tlaking about the voltage on the battery before cranking the engine? i do not think any car sustains over 12.1 while starting?
  6. davy83

    3200 not starting

    it is certainly quite sensitive to the battery, and if the battery is on the way out it causes all sorts of mayhem. however you are right your readings on the battery seem ok. I would try the basics as suggested, check for a spark, check fuel pressure and possibly check the injectors are...
  7. davy83

    3200 not starting

    i think when the immobiliser cuts in, the pumps still run but the spark plugs don't fire. however it would make more sense for the fuel pumps not to run either so the engine does not flood. unless the fuel injectors dont operate which would work I guess.
  8. davy83

    How does this work .

    the problem is the car has to become somehow desirable, and rare. if not many were made because they were rubbish and no-one wanted them then the allure is not there. this is an area I never understood really, I mean there are some cars that i can see are just wonderful and rightly commmand huge...
  9. davy83

    3200 not starting

    The only times my car thows out its dummy and wont start with no signof life at all its the immobiliser that has shut it down, and lots of locking and unlocking makes it go. as stated above you wont get a spark if the immobiliser has cut in. it could be the little chip in the key or the coil in...
  10. davy83

    Alfieri update

    Styling does not look like a Maserati, so i am deeply suspiscious of this too.
  11. davy83

    McLaren Manchester - shudder

    at least TVR's were cheap!! I remember my tool box with the TVR's always had tir wraps and silicone, most of that car would glue back together in some way.
  12. davy83

    Cruise control for 3200

    The replacement pedal sensor that I make is electrically the same as the original, same power, same connector and same voltages. The only thing thats different is that the original has two separate analogue potentiometers and so needs two 5v supplys and two 0v or gnd wires and my unit only uses...
  13. davy83

    Revving issues, knock sensor errors and ignition coil errors

    UUUrgh, thats quite a list. There is a fairly solid knock sensor theme going on here!!! 1225 is either gearbox or pedal/throttle related, will need to check my book, but its one that appears occasionally on all these cars and may be worth ignoring. I would replace the knock sensors and then see...
  14. davy83

    3200 GT cam/timing belt change

    Interesting, any idea how doable it is with the engine in-situ?
  15. davy83

    3200 GT cam/timing belt change

    interesting. While i fully appreciate the need for the valve timing to be spot on for top performance, I would be curious as to how many dealers or decent indies would do vernier valve timing adjustment on every timing belt change? Especially since its not just a wee screw that you can tweak to...
  16. davy83

    3200 GT cam/timing belt change

    Timing belt is every three years. Sent from my SM-J701F using Tapatalk
  17. davy83

    Gransport rear tie rod replacement

    Without seeing the wheel bolts its hard to comment, but it's either crazy stupid wheel bolts, or the insurance company looking for any way out
  18. davy83

    Brake Caliper Overhaul (GS / 4200)

    sorry these guys
  19. davy83

    Brake Caliper Overhaul (GS / 4200)

    I got my calipers done by Brake Caliper Specialists, they are bit commercial and will e-mail you special offers for ever but the calipers came back looking great and working very well, they looked like new. They can do any colour and any manufacturers logo, either in paint which will wear or a...
  20. davy83

    OBD Scan tool?

    I think you need to be clear what you want to do with it. I bought a cheap as chips e-bay reader very like this one for my 2001 3200 GTA...