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    Help for a newbie and his father

    Hi there Great forum by the way. My dad and I are looking for a good 4200. We are quite mechanically savvy, but knowing what these cars are like, we want a good one from the outset. We have been looking for a while at 4200's and fond these two of recent: Are they known? Or anybody have any...
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    Looking for a 4200 facelift

    Hi all Pm me if you have a facelift 4200 for sale, with dark (black) interior, with lowish miles! Not hugely important though. Must have full history and of had Cambelt and clutch if high miles. You maybe able to convince me on a 3200 if perfect and had all the common problems sorted...
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    Newbie looking for a 4200 facelift cc

    Hi all I'm new to this and looking for a Maserati 4200 for my dad. Preferably a cambiocorsa and a facelift. I'm thinking along these lines because of the upgrades and improvements on the facelifts. Would this be reasonable thinking?? We have had a look at a few, and definitely...