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  1. Mike X

    E-Bay , 4200 GT Spyder
  2. Mike X

    Fiat 124 Spider Abarth .

    Has any one had a go in a Fiat 124 Spider , the Abarth version ? We saw one the other day and thought it looked rather cute , not sure if the guy driving it was trying but we easily slipped past and left him for dead .
  3. Mike X

    Spyder wind deflector.

    Hi Guys . What do you think of my new wind deflector ?
  4. Mike X

    Bit of exhaust **** .

    Just got these back on Sunday . The plan was to fit them today but the rain kind of stopped play , I jacked the car up and got the wheel off ok but the wheel arch liner was a different story , then it started to rain so I bunged it all back together and put her back in the garage . At least I...
  5. Mike X

    4200 Spyder back box removal , ‘how to ‘ thread .

    Hi All . Is there a ‘how to’ thread for removing the exhaust back boxes from a 4200 Spyder ? I have searched but not really uncovered a good step by step guide . Just wondering if it’s worth having a go myself or take it to my local garage , has anyone done this themselves ? I do fancy giving it...
  6. Mike X

    Wind break

    Hi Guys . Anyone got a wind break for sale for a 2002 4200 GT Spyder please . Thankyou . Mike .
  7. Mike X


    Hi Guys . Is there a better way to contact Eurospares other than by E-mail ? I have tried a couple of times , the used spares side of the business , but so far have had no response . I have chosen the donor vehicle , filled out the on-line form and sent it off . The new parts side have been...
  8. Mike X

    Steering wheel re-cover .

    Hi Guys . My steering wheel came back from being re-covered at Royal Steering Wheels on Tuesday . They did a fab job , I had it made a bit thicker with blue stitching and a blue centre band , perforated leather in the grip area and nappa leather top and bottom , very happy . Originally the plan...
  9. Mike X

    Air bag wire orientation.

    Hi Guys . Removed my 4200 Spyder steering wheel the other day and sent it off to be ready trimmed . I have re-stuck the leather on the airbag at the same time . My question is , does it matter which way round the airbag connection wire plug goes back in ? It looks like it can be plugged in...
  10. Mike X

    Man Cave Christmas prezzy .

    Got this for Christmas , fitted it today , love it , thank you Lisa :)
  11. Mike X

    Ultimate Pedals .

    Happy New Year Guys . It was a really nice New Year’s Day here in Yorkshire , typical because I have just sorned my Spyder , so instead of going for a nice drive I thought I might as well fit some of the goodies I have been collecting , ready to fit in the winter months . I started off with a...
  12. Mike X

    Wanted , alloy foot pedal covers .

    Hi Guys . Has any one got a set of alloy pedal covers kicking around ? I messaged Maverick but he no longer does them . They are for my 4200 GT Spyder , manual , 3 pedal set up , all pedals pivot st the top , not floor mounted . Thankyou . Mike .
  13. Mike X

    Clutch dead helllppppp .

    Hi Guys . My clutch has gone bang , big time , I have it sat at my local garage and they can’t help me . Who is the best outfit to come and pick her up for surgery , or is there any parts type peeps who will supply the necessary bits , thankyou . I am in East Yorkshire , I suppose there is JCT...
  14. Mike X

    Not what I had in mind when I went to get my X pipe fitted .

    Morning Guys . So , my 2002 4200 Spyder Gt , manual version , has always had a bit of clutch squeal , I knew this when I bought her . I mentioned it on this great forum and was advised to just get out there and drive it , which I did and the noise went away , all was rosy in the Maserati garden...
  15. Mike X

    Parcel from Autoshield .

    A parcel arrived from Autoshield today ............can you tell what it is yet ????
  16. Mike X

    Chrome Pen

    I re chromed the rings around my outer dash vents the other day , with a chrome pen I read about on this great forum ( bought off E-bay for under £10.00 ) and they came up great . I found another use for the pen too , the front grill , it was a rather dull , mucky colour but the pen has...
  17. Mike X

    Spyder handling transformed .

    Yesterday I totally transformed the handling of my Spyder . Coming from a VX220 ( Lotus Elise alternative ) which had very tight , on rails type handling I found the Spyder a bit wallowy and baggy , I knew about the scuttle shake but she really shook her head at certain speeds and grunting past...
  18. Mike X

    Spyderman ?

    So I fitted a couple of extra items to my Spyder today , wife thinks I am nuts :argue1:
  19. Mike X

    Chrome boot trim .

    The chrome trim on my Spyder’s boot handle is quite tatty , cracked and peeling . Can it be separated from the painted part or is it a complete unit ? I have messaged europarts about a week ago but no response from the used parts division , the new parts guy messaged me straight back about some...
  20. Mike X

    Feeling drained .

    Hi all . Funny thing happened yesterday. My Spyder had been on trickle charge since Wednesday , I got her out for a bit of tinkering ( Sunday ) started the engine to back out of the garage then again a bit later to let my neighbour into his garage , I went through all the fuses in the footwell (...