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  1. iainw


    As a couple of you have Kindly encouraged me to share my experiences of a new Marque, I will attach some photos and initial impressions. I grudgingly moved from Italian Works of art to something a bit more usable. As one of my colleagues said - it may be more usable- but it doesn't blend in! I...
  2. iainw

    Anyone near woking and could help me out please?

    Hello all Southerners basking in the sun. I have constantly been amazed at the knowledge and Community spirit of this forum (barring rare outbursts). There is a car I am close to purchasing in Woking, after some failed Attempts to negotiate fair prices on others. It's a private sale but...
  3. iainw

    Speeding Fine

    Can anyone advise please? I have just received a speeding notice ‘single justice procedure notice' posted on 12/4/2018 and the offence date was allegedly 16/11/2017. Can they really send it out almost 5 months later? It's ridiculous.
  4. iainw

    DKR Daily Driver for Phil
  5. iainw

    Back seats advice please Can anyone tell me from experience whether the back...
  6. iainw

    Advice please

    I would appreciate some advice from learned forum members. As some of you know, I have been searching for a Cali replacement for several months and have Finally decided on a car. I am itching to buy it and have everything in place, but I have got an opportunity to work in Paris for January to...
  7. iainw

    Why are QPs so cheap? Am I missing something with this- ok mildly high mileage - but isn’t this...
  8. iainw

    Car Port Cost - Experiences and Ideas Appreciated

    Hi there: I know a lot of you have lovely garages , car ports and car collections. I currently have a 'double' garage which will only fit in one car plus leave quite a bit of space either side. I have space to the left of it for at least a double car port. It would need some concrete...
  9. iainw

    Could I have some opinions from experienced owners... Looking at auto trader tonight and the thought crossed my mind to have a...
  10. iainw

    Must resist....

    If this had carbon seats , I would be powerless to resist...
  11. iainw

    Honest Answers...

    Just about to start my nightly review of auto trader prices. What cars are you looking at / daydreaming about, hoping there will be a sudden bargain appear.. I will start - 458s + Stradales.
  12. iainw

    There are no words I cannot believe this. Of all the marques. With this talk of electrified Maserati's, banning petrol and now a Ferrari SUV... I am beginning to hate the fact that I love cars.
  13. iainw

    'Totting Points' Ban

    Dear All: I have a work colleague who could really do with some advice. He loves his cars, but unfortunately has managed to reach 12 points in the last 4 years. Does anyone have experience of this, have any advice or recommend anyone to help.. Thanks a lot.
  14. iainw

    Exporting cars to Australia- advice

    Can anyone give some advice re: the above title? I know Julin is an expert in this area but have never spoken directly to him. I have an ex surgical colleague in Australia who is keen to change his car soon to a prancing donkey or AM. Luxury car tax is huge there. Is there an advantage to...
  15. iainw

    Maserati vs F type

    The Cali is in for a service and I have been given a 2017 V6 F type R as a temporary car. Although I admit it is quite good looking - IMO it's not a patch on the GTs I had recently. I just don't enjoy driving that much. The GTs was always an event and I loved it. The F type is a small 2...
  16. iainw

    What is it with white GTs's and Gran Cabs for sale this summer..

    This was a search on AT for gran Cabrios of ANY colour !
  17. iainw

    12 V Plug for Trickle Charger in California Boot

    Does anyone have or previously owned a California? Trying to work out if the boot has a 12v point to plug my CTek Charger into. It was so simple in the GTS :(
  18. iainw

    Plea for forgiveness and non-exile

    I finally took delivery of my new car today, and it was bitter sweet - sweet in that its a ridiculously nice machine which sounds much better than I thought, and looks stunning and bitter in that I feel I am cheating on my first love. I still think the GTS was a riot, sounded and looked sublime...
  19. iainw

    Definition of regret... Seeing these photos is making me regret my decision. I would prefer no comments on price - based on previous experience of others selling. please look at specifications compared to other...