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  1. allandwf

    It's a sad fact. It is.

    I am sure some of us will be appalled.
  2. allandwf

    No Time To Die

    Yes I will watch it :)
  3. allandwf

    Greta Thunberg

    One thing I do notice, youngsters are more aware, but tend to be very black/white until later.
  4. allandwf

    Greta Thunberg

  5. allandwf

    Maserati/Ferrari Vs Mass Production Brands

    Why not? I always find this a strange concept. Bottom line they are cars.
  6. allandwf

    Greta Thunberg

    Is this a word game? Puppet.
  7. allandwf

    Maserati/Ferrari Vs Mass Production Brands

    I would agree, it is also usually the ancillary bits and bobs on mass produced cars, built to a price, that cause issues, the plastic thermostat housings and heater valves etc.
  8. allandwf

    Maserati/Ferrari Vs Mass Production Brands

    As I mentioned in a previous post, check for QPs for sale in Europe, many with +150k on the clock. All quite reassuring :)
  9. allandwf

    3200 Clutch Replacement

    I think they are all on the heavy side. They have a fair amount of torque to transfer.
  10. allandwf

    De-icing - is there a better way?

    Hahaha! You need to scrape it off, and remember to lift the wipers first before using them, you'll either blow a fuse or lose the bottom of the blade.
  11. allandwf


    I'll see if I can find any pics of what mine had. Too long ago to remember lol
  12. allandwf

    4.7 engine

    New one on me :/
  13. allandwf

    One for the Ferrari collector

    It's probably the most original sharknose in existence. ;) (Chris Rea had a couple of replicas built. )
  14. allandwf

    De-icing - is there a better way?

    Three pages! Is it a bit nippy down south? ;)
  15. allandwf

    1995 Ghibli GT spec

    Fairly normal for European cars :) There are plenty Quattroportes with almost 200k, and even a 2017 Levante with 170k!!! Try selling them in the UK. The Ghibli looks lovely.
  16. allandwf

    -5 degrees, pffft nowt that

    Exactly! -5C lol?
  17. allandwf

    Modena Memory

    Here is a picture "I found on the Internet" ;) Perhaps a pair of pictures for the cinema Chris?
  18. allandwf

    Modena Memory

    I also appear to have a blue bottle/vase, I know nothing about gov. ;) lol. Very happy days :)
  19. allandwf

    Modena Memory

    It was :)
  20. allandwf

    What ya listening to now ???

    Quite apt after Mick Ronson :)