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    Never seen so many Spyders up for sale

    I've had my 02 Spyder for 5 years now and no problems. These cars have a very reliable engine and transmission and that can't be said for the 2000's Porsche's when they were making the transition to water cooled engines. Yes, the CC can be a costly pain but mine is a manual so no problems...
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    Never seen so many Spyders up for sale

    No, no, no...Brexit! British Leyland will rise from the ashes (and when the electrics are turned on will return to the ashes).
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    Concerning your second point first, I agree there is a bum for every seat but it's the price we're debating. I'm just saying that if you want to sell your Maserati sooner is better than later for the foreseeable future. I also agree that the "art cars" (Ferrari's and such) will probably hold...
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    I make my living investing and Davidc should take his money and run. Particularly in the UK with Brexit fouling the British economy, the EU living on fumes, the US and China in a long trade war and the global economy slowing it's going to be a long time (if ever) before you get today's price...
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    Cam cover gasket 4200

    Yes, the problem here is it's too fancy. The rubber gasket hardens from the heat. It can't be compressed by tightening because of the feet on the cam cover. So then it leaks.
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    Cam cover gasket 4200

    The sealant that should be used is one that stays flexible and has good adherence. Concerning the pictures above, when I did my gaskets several years ago (no leaks since) I had to trim the gasket to fit. The gasket in the picture and the one I got don't fit the cam covers. But hey they're...
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    Cam cover gasket 4200

    The gasket looks fine. Don't use gasket sealer because this is more like an o-ring. Use the high temp silicone sealer and put a bead in the cam cover channel and then on the gasket face that sits on the head. The sealer in the channel will also keep the gasket in place when you put it in...
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    4200 Odometer failure

    I had an Alfa Spider and a very fine wire on the odometer had broken. Re-soldered it and everything worked fine. It's a delicate job so if you don't have the skill get someone who has. You do have to get the instrument cluster out so it's not simple. I also had a 911SC and my mechanic would...
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    Resetting Maserati Spyder Roof

    Watch this video starting at 10:15 and tell us when your top stops working? Sounds like 10:32 to me.
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    Potentially dangerous construction mistake, rear lower wishbone 3200

    If you want to see how much deeper the bolt (stud actually) can go into the ball look at the bolt picture in Robbe's post above. (Mine sticks out about the same.) If you reverse the bolt and it goes into the ball joint further you have the length that is now above the nut available. A word of...
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    Potentially dangerous construction mistake, rear lower wishbone 3200

    The nuts on the upper and lower ball joint nuts are to be sealed with Loctite and torqued to 78 Nm (57 ft lbs) according to the 3200 GT manual and this is quite low. My guess is that someone over-torqued the nut and that cracked the collar. So my advice is when you check don't be tempted to...
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    4200 clutch: difference between manual and CC (mechanical, friction)

    Masertel, the pictures of the two clutches are very interesting. A quick way to tell the clutch wear is to look at the "D" that visible on the edge of the clutch that's the grove in the face. When I look at your old clutch it looks like there was hardly any wear. Why did you replace the clutch?
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    Clutch readings: how accurate, how repeatable?

    I'm curious where you got the 8mm minimum thickness. Posts on the Maserati Forum and FerrariChat sites indicate a NEW thickness of 6.1 to 6.4 mm for the disks. This is based on pictures of people measuring new clutches. I accept those numbers but allowing for the metal disk and rivet heads...
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    Changing the oil in my 4200

    If you don't have a hoist taking off the front right wheel gives you good access to the filter.
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    4200 air filter

    First the oiled filters. MAF's don't like oil on them. Manufacturers like K&N say there's no problem but then the way they oil an air filter might not be how you do it. I'd stay away from oiled filters. If you want more power take the filter out altogether, you get a short engine life but...
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    Weight Reduction INFO

    Here's what you're aiming for... I agree weight reduction is questionable but the bonnet and boot lid look like heavy items to me.
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    Thermostat/temperature issues

    What do you have...3200 or 4200? The 4200's must have the air bled from the heads or you're asking for trouble. A CEL is not "normal" and you need to read it to see what it is. A working thermostat can hold the temp steady and should not wander around as you drive.
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    Business Opportunity...Internet Based SD3 Serice

    What if you have no other choice?
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    Business Opportunity...Internet Based SD3 Serice

    I'm assuming the owner would drive and otherwise manipulate the car based on telephone or text instructions from the person doing the diagnosis. I certainly agree that having the car in front of you is better, but I think we need to consider the alternatives we have going forward from here.