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    PPI for classic Ferrari around Reading

    Knowle Hill Performance and Luxury trade a lot of classic Ferrari so may well be worth a shout.
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    Removal of Front Engine Subframe

    Really must get under mine and treat it this winter
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    Another Steering wheel thread

    That was what I was thinking, - spoils what is otherwise a nice looking wheel and available on eBay.
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    Another Steering wheel thread

    Opinions on this wheel worth the tri colour?
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    Steering wheel removal - Help choose my design - Final choice

    My preference for the Alcantara/ leather would be like the one in the top pic
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    Another Steering wheel thread

    The leather that surrounds the airbag on my GTS steering wheel has distorted over time, I am guessing sun damage (see pic). I don't think it’s repairable (unless someone has a fix) so am looking for a replacement.
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    HR Experts

    Glad to hear you have hooked up with someone to give you advice, the SM community does seem to have an expert for every occasion. In my experience it good to consider not only what employment law dictates, but also the individual company policy - if a company fails to follow their own policy...
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    One car you wished you had never sold

    Often fancied owning a Noble - one day perhaps
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    Car hit again, don't believe it!

    This was a bump caught on my dashcam as I sit in my car, no audio so you can’t hear me sounding the horn and there was a car behind me so I couldn’t reverse out of the way. Over £4000 of damage to my Jaguar XJ (headlight alone was £900 plus Vat
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    Potential purchase

    This dealer is just down the road from my office - they have some awesome stock of mainly Ferrari’s, not a fan of this colour combo though.
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    Daft one, car freezer?

    The principle is simple freeze them in a block of ice (Chest Freezer) then insulate ice block in waterproof container. However with the quantity you are taking about it may not be practical.
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    Daft one, car freezer?

    Get an ice cream tub - insert pie - fill with water -Freeze - put in cool box and it will take days to defrost !
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    FOR Sale - Granturismo GTS right side dual tip valved muffler
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    Car hit again, don't believe it!

    Jesus that was quite a bang ! Amazed, but pleased that there was no damage. I have front and rear dashcams monitoring my Jag and Maserati for just such an occasion.
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    4.7 GT-S MC Shift

    Has this car sold - am sure it was parked in a driveway at the end of my road last week ? Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead?
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    The good morning thread

    Surprise sunshine here in Hertfordshire so a run out in the GTS for breakfast and then a drive through the Chilterns.
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    All Italian Breakfast Meet - Last one of the Year - Saturday 5th October, Alton, Hampshire

    Not able to make this after-all - have a great morning and post a video of the tunnel run !!
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    Three word thread

    I trust made up words are ok
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    Three word thread

    Onlyifits trade andyoupaytax