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    Gransport - Euro or US manifolds?

    Emissions Update! Just for those who may be considering similar mods - my GS passed the emissions today easily with plenty of wiggle room if needed. I have the US spec headers with Larini secondary decat pipes (so effectively just primary cats), x pipe and slightly modified rear boxes. Sounds...
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    Cheers! luckes GTV6 - 1999 Alfa Romeo GTV6 MrMickS - 2001 Alfa Romeo Spider FIFTY - 4200 GT Kazzer - not sure which one MarkMas - 2009 QPV Alfa Muppet- 2019 Giulia Veloce Alexpie - Granturismo S RoaryRati - probably S2000 Phil H - QP Rockits - Vantage? AnZ – Fiat 124 Mr. Z sen. – Lancia...
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    Sorry to be late but only just noticed this - any more room possible?
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    Spare suspension shims?

    Cheers fella - very kind of you and happy to replace any needed and pay extra for the postage and use of them or charity donation? Will send you my address via pm....
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    Spare suspension shims?

    Good point - will give him a ring!
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    Spare suspension shims?

    Evening all, Planning to get my suspension set up soon by Centre Gravity and they have suggested I take along some suspension shims just in case they need to make some adjustments (although they suggest that in most cases they remove them). Just wondered if anyone had any knocking around -...
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    AutoItalia Italian Car Day 29th Sept

    I'm going to try and get to this one - family permitting of course!
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    Cheaper to get parts from U.S.A.!

    Group buy? I'll take a couple...
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    For sale : BBS 4200 facelift rims - grigio touring

    Sod's law timing on this! I was going to try the move down to 18's on my GS in the Spring but in the end had my original wheels refurbished and I have just put a new set of Michelin Pilot Sports on - ****!
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    GranSport (Fuji White) Running report

    That's interesting - what are you changing to?
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    4200/GS Headlamp Washer Cover

    ONLY!?! :eek:Must be the farmer in me but £60 for a piece of plastic hurts!
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    Wow, very impressive to get that lot in. I thought I did well with just a mate camping at Goodwood Festival of Speed a few years ago in the GS, mind you perhaps the coffee machine was a step too far....
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    4200/GS Headlamp Washer Cover

    Cheers for the reply - have seen the threads about tying them on which I'll do for the new one.
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    4200/GS Headlamp Washer Cover

    Afternoon all, Anyone have a LH (passenger side) of the above going spare (Part No 66371800) before I try the second hand part suppliers Tuesday? Seems mine went walkabout at the Gloucester Retro Car Show yesterday..... Olly
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    Post gearbox EV1 pipe replacement

    Hi there, Just seen this post and having done something similar with my car some years ago (search for F1 gearbox woes for the thread) and did not have it bled by the dealer and car has worked perfectly fine since. I just bled mine by opening the door a few times - just don't touch the 'lock'...
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    Gransport - Euro or US manifolds?

    This is pretty similar to mine too - reminds me that I need to pop up to the local grage to see how close to the emissions limit it is before the MOT is due! Would concur with the noise level - seems just about right to me, noticeable in sports mode even with windows up but not badly so and...
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    Youtuber does DIY F1 actuator rebuild and setup

    Interesting find - look forward to watching those....
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    Current Car Prices

    Loving my mini too - in fact plan to do some hill climbs in it when the wifes's new electric car comes along. Go for a later one (2005 - 2006) which should come with a LSD for even more laughs!
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    Some technical direction needed...!

    Sorry I cant remember the width but I just modified my existing scissor type to fit with the angle grinder and still works fine for the other cars. Needed to be quite a large gap as I recall.