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  1. StuartW

    Doug DeMuro finally does a good review on a Maserati reviewing the Maserati Levante Trofeo

    Well done indeed, for the market sector it is aimed at, it looks to be an excellent choice but super, super expensive over a regular Levante
  2. StuartW

    MC Stradale up with Richard Grace

    Good luck with the sale, lots of car for a gnat's under £63k in my opinion
  3. StuartW

    2019 Events

    Caffeine and Machine sounds good to me, count me in diary permitting
  4. StuartW

    GS £15k

    But aside from that .... ! If ever was there was a case in point of there being no such thing as a bargain Maserati, this is it
  5. StuartW

    Good price 4.7 MC?

    Very true, the corrosion on mine from one year to the next was quite shocking and fortunately was caught in time by AV Engineering, and suitably cleaned up and protected last year. But ignore a rusty subframe at your peril, it will be the death of many Granturismos for sure
  6. StuartW

    No ABS, no ESC, no suspension, end of the world etc warning lights....

    If that's what it is, the part is around £600 but getting a plug in diagnosis first will confirm, or offer a pleasant surprise if it's something simple. I try to be the optimist!
  7. StuartW

    No ABS, no ESC, no suspension, end of the world etc warning lights....

    Unfortunately, the ABS sensor is a part of the wheel bearing & they are not known for their longevity but it's a relatively easy and quick job
  8. StuartW

    No ABS, no ESC, no suspension, end of the world etc warning lights....

    Even though it is a new battery, it might be worth checking in case it is faulty. The other issue could be a failed sensor in the wheel bearing which can throw up all manner of faults, your main dealer should be able to narrow it down by plugging it into their SD3 diagnostic computer.
  9. StuartW

    GS £15k

    I'll try to keep up ...
  10. StuartW

    GS £15k

    I'm not sure if this one has been discussed before but on the face of it, it looks like an awful lot of a car for your brass...
  11. StuartW

    Nice QPV GTS for sale on Autotrader (£25k)

    A real shame that this one has been unloved as they are rare beast and very special, but it's not too late to save it and bring it back to a beautiful example
  12. StuartW

    3200 Assetto Corsa for sale

    Agreed and yes, it has potential to be very nice - they are a special car to own for sure and I had great fun in mine until my end started floating ... At least this one is an auto so that is unlikely to happen (but it has been known on the super rare occasion)
  13. StuartW

    3200 Assetto Corsa for sale

    Too bad they swapped the wheels though, it loses one of it's USPs for me
  14. StuartW

    MY 04 MAS for sale ...£12.5k negotiable

    Sommi's car looks and sounds great - whoever ends up buying it will not be disappointed, good luck & sorry that it's taking so long to go
  15. StuartW

    Car Transport Needed - Recommendations Please?

    Evening everyone I need to transport a car from York all the way down to Southampton. With the autumn fast approaching, a covered trailer would be ideal but cost is a consideration so if anyone can recommend a good, reliable service other than just taking a punt on Shiply, I would appreciate...
  16. StuartW

    larini x pipe on granturismo

    The X is a great & relatively inexpensive place to start and for many, is enough of a modification to make. Definitely worth doing and maybe FF1078 will be selling his?
  17. StuartW

    Wanted post 2012 Granturismo

    Headlamps gaining daytime LED running lights & losing the orange strip to the side, fatter steering wheel, different design to the front seats, front bumper/ splitter. There were also some small changes to the instrumentation with chrome rimmed buttons & paddles I believe but I have seen crs on...
  18. StuartW

    Sports Maserati - Tuscan Tea Party

    That is a real shame, it looks an absolute belter
  19. StuartW

    Sports Maserati - Tuscan Tea Party

    I've just read this tread - wow, what a trip, you are a lucky bunch and well done on some sterling organisation too. Next time ...