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  1. Zep

    Earls Barton Classic Car and Bike Meet

    I am (as usual) heading to this show on Weds (7th Aug). I think Mr S will be there so any other members in the area do pop along for a look at some interesting motors.
  2. Zep

    Sports Maserati - Tuscan Tea Party

    A little later than planned we are please to announce the follow up to the successful Viva Espana and Monaco or Bust tours - The Sports Maserati Tuscan Tea Party. This year we are pushing the boat out and are arranging a tour of northern Italy for our little travelling party. This is going to...
  3. Zep

    R32 Golf Anyone?

    My cousin is selling this Golf R32 - not our usual fare I know, but it is pretty mint, one owner with a thick history file, so I thought it might be interesting for someone on here. It makes a pretty good noise too!
  4. Zep


    In this months Octane they are reviewing a QP VI that has been converted to an estate in the U.K. using some bits from other marques.
  5. Zep

    4200 / GS Wheel Bearing FS

    Continuing my clear out of old parts, I have a brand new, still sealed in the box wheel bearing for a 4200 / GS. Part number 197064. Originally purchased from Meridien Modena. Current list is over £500, Eurospares £374 + VAT (£449 inc VAT) plus shipping. £430 including delivery via the...
  6. Zep

    4200 / Gransport Column Stalks

    I have a set of non-cruise control column stalks in perfect condition. £20 seems a fair price.
  7. Zep

    Free to a good home - 3200 / 4200 / GS Cabin Filter

    I am having a bit of a clear out of my parts shelf and seem to have a brand new Denso cabin filter that I never used. First to call it gets it. Delivery can be at a meet or post at cost.
  8. Zep

    German cars are ****

    Having spent the last couple of days stripping and reassembling my fathers Audi A4 2.0 TDI due to it having a complete failure of the oil pump drive, I can safely say they are designed by sadists and can only be worked on by people who can share gloves with Donald Trump. Oh and a word of...
  9. Zep

    MOB - My Story

    I thought I would kick this off with my collection of pictures. A thoroughly brilliant trip with stunning scenery and great friends. Roll on the next one, whatever that will be. The first set is the ferry, through Lyon and down to Lauzet.
  10. Zep

    O M G

    This has caused a bit of a crisis.....
  11. Zep

    SOLD - 2005 Gransport Nero Carbonio

    Due to an opportunity to buy something new the time has come to sell my beloved Gransport. My car is Nero Carbonio with black leather interior with blue french stiching and light grey tech cloth inserts. The rear spoiler is carbon fibre. Mileage is 57500 with full service history. During my...
  12. Zep

    Cheap Mini Anyone?

    I just found a great car on Auto Trader:
  13. Zep

    Sharnbrook Italian Car and Bike Day - 22nd July

    Just wondering if anyone is planning to go to this, its at the Sharnbrook Hotel just off the A6 north of Bedford.
  14. Zep

    Christian Lewis Performance Cars - Open Day - 28th October

    Christian and Edd at Christian Lewis Performance Cars have invited the forum to their open day to mark the completion of their move to new premises in Bedford. Everyone is welcome, they will lay on some bubbles and they will have put to 200 cars in attendance. This will include Astons including...
  15. Zep

    Becker Infotainment making a popping noise

    Hi all, I was woken last night by a strange noise in my house. A first I thought I was being burgled by Snap Crackle and Pop but it turned out the stereo in the car was turning itself on and off every six seconds with a popping noise through the speakers. Phoning around it seems that it is...
  16. Zep

    A good day to diode

    My car has been in to Christian Lewis for a service and a few other bits including a diagnosis on an intermittent no MSP and ABS light problem. I was worried it was a wheel bearing / sensor, but apparently these are all fine on the SD3. Communication with the ABS module is a bit iffy apparently...
  17. Zep

    Tyres and alignment

    Just had new tyres fitted and full alignment and corner weighting at Northampton Motorsport using their hunter machine (£210 inc VAT for 2.5 hours - bargain) The alignment has made a big difference but what shocked me was the start of the Pirelli tyres when they came off. The inside shoulder...
  18. Zep

    Tie Rods and bushings

    Hi All, My car has been in for a service and they have reported that one of the rear tie rods has got about 1-2mm of play in it. I was sure I read somewhere on here that new bearings can be pushing into the rod, but I can't for the life of me find it. Would someone be able to point me in...
  19. Zep

    Touch up paints

    Hi all, After doing battle on Brunty yesterday and getting a couple of minor chips, it is time to sort out some nero carbonio touch up paint. Does anyone have any recommendations as to where I should get some? I'm loathed to get rinsed by Maserati, who I am sure will buy it for a fiver and...
  20. Zep

    New to the GS club....

    I have been reading the forum for a few months and last week picked up my new (to me) 2005 GS, which I am falling totally in love with. I can't ever imagine getting bored of the noise as it lunges for the redline. Having owned 4 Alfas (including a 156 Selespeed for my sins) I am braced for...