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    Valve shims, strange surface

    Today I changed the timing belt, and checked the valve clearence,I recognized that some of the valve shims have a strange surface? Is it an issue? Should I change them?
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    3200gt spring

    Hello, I'm planing to change the springs in my 3200gt non AC, and I dodn't know which one to take, the "normal" 3200 or the assetto corsa ones, is there a big difference between them? Do I've to adjust something else too on the suspension if I take the AC one? Thanks G.
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    Head light Fuse 3200gt

    Does anyone know where do I find the Fuse for the Headlights? 3200 gt from 1999 The left headlight doesnt works, every other lights are fine, only the normal headlight on the left isnt working, I changed the bulbs, but didnt help. Thanks Neger
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    cables without connection

    Hi, I've a 3200 gt from 1999, I bought the car for several month, nearly everithing works well. Im writing from Hungary and there are not many specialists here. I had to change a fuse in the box, and realized that there are two cables without a connection, at least the black looks like it broke...