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  1. Hexadex

    5th gear 3200 opportunity

    Just seen this advertising for a 3200 in a tv shoot, anyone interested?
  2. Hexadex

    Air conditioning

    Afternoon all, my air conditioning is in need of a recharge. Would you chance it at a local garage or go to a Maserati specialist. Thanks Hexadex
  3. Hexadex

    Gransport rear tie rod replacement

    Hi all, wonder if anyone has attempted to change the rear tie rods using Craig’s modification? Both of mine have had advisories on the MOT. Thanks Hexadex
  4. Hexadex

    Handbrake shoes Gransport

    Morning all, does anyone know the address of the place that relines old handbrake shoes for the gransport. Thanks Hexadex
  5. Hexadex

    Gransport wing mirror temp sensor

    Hi all, does anyone have experience of changing the temperature sensor in the offside door mirror, it appears mine needs replacing. Thanks Hexadex
  6. Hexadex

    Gransport Christmas tree

    Hi all, just having a spirited blast when the MPS and ABS light have come on and won’t go out from switching off and on. Any ideas guys?
  7. Hexadex

    Thinking of going german

    Hi guys, I've test driven a Audi R8 V10 coupe low miles fsh in red with silver blades. I must admit I'm smitten, I'd be interested to hear the forums views. Still love the GS by the way. Cheers Hexadex
  8. Hexadex

    Bi turbo price?

    Morning all, just spotted this on a supercar forum, what do you think it’s worth? Cheers
  9. Hexadex

    Good price for a Stradale

    Have been looking at Stradales is this one around the right price? Cheers
  10. Hexadex

    Northern Ireland road trip

    Evening all, Doing a road trip to Northern Island in June this year and would appreciate any pointers on where to stay, routes around the coast. We'll be landing at Larne port. Thanks in advance Hexadex.
  11. Hexadex

    Goodwood membership

    Morning all, contemplating taking up membership offer at Goodwood, is anyone on here members and more importantly is it worth it. Cheers Hexadex
  12. Hexadex

    GS Air conditioning codes

    Hi all, does anyone know what the codes AA and 114 mean? I also had an 00 as well. The recirculation button keeps coming on all the time as well.All input much appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hexadex

    Outside Temperature indicator

    Morning all, while driving out over the weekend had the letter E come up on the outside temp indicator. It made made an appearance several times whilst driving, the car seems fine. Anyone have ideas as to what it means. Cheers Hexadex
  14. Hexadex

    Gransport front splitter

    Had some front end paint work done, which was ok but the drivers side front attachment to bumper seems low, you can see the threads of the bolt used for attaching to the bumper. My question is can the bolts be accessed without bumper removal. Thanks Hexadex
  15. Hexadex

    Gear indicator flashing on and off

    Morning all, just took the GS out for a drive and the the gear indicator is flashing on and off, whether in sport or comfort. It has never done this before the gear indicator has always been solid on. Is this an indication of something happening. Thanks in anticipation Hexadex
  16. Hexadex

    Wanted: Gransport or 4200 xenon headlight spray pump

    The part no is 980002001 description is Complete pump for coupling if anyone can help me out with a second hand one to get me through the MOT. Thanks Stephen (Hexadex)
  17. Hexadex

    Head light washer hose blown off on Gransport

    Head light washer hose on Gransport Just traced the leak of water to this hose connector which seems to be situated behind the air box. My question is can the air box be removed without major works i.e. Bumper off. Thanks Stephen
  18. Hexadex

    Head light washer hose blown off on Gransport

    Just traced the mass exodus of water to this hose connector which seems to be situated behind the air box. My question is can the air box be removed without major works i.e. Bumper off. Thanks Stephen
  19. Hexadex

    Possible radiator leak Gransport

    Just tracing a washer piping leak and noticed a weeping plug on the bottom of the radiator, signs of impending failure? Thoughts please.
  20. Hexadex

    Engine priming on a GS

    A quick question for you techi types, is it possible to prime the engine oil pressure before start up? Thanks in anticipation Hexadex