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  1. J De Luca

    Black 4200 Manual on Pistonheads

    I think it's 69k kilometers as the speedo is kilometers / hour. Better check that. It took me 18 months to sell my 02 Manual, nobody wants them and that makes them affordable. Check the heater core is not leaky, that is a very long weekend taking out the entire dash to get access. It is a nice...
  2. J De Luca

    Sydney Maserati service guru

    Andrea maintained my 2001 GT coupe for several years until I recently sold it. I used to say to him it is his car, I only drive it and pay the bills. He has extensive knowledge and training in Modena, knows the Italian marcs inside out. Thumbs up, ciao.
  3. J De Luca

    2002 Maserati Coupe GT Manual for sale

    It is a 6 speed stick, Details and photos on Carsales:
  4. J De Luca

    Manual 4200s in Oz

    Hi GTV, If you are still looking for a manual have just put my manual up on this site under the classified with a link to Carsales:
  5. J De Luca

    2002 Maserati GT Coupe Manual For Sale in Sydney

    Details and photos on Carsales:
  6. J De Luca

    My experience with a 4200 Cambiocorsa (MY02)

    Thanks for the detailed account of your experience. I picked up a 2002 manual 6 speed Coupe a few years ago for a traditional driving experience (love the control of clutch and shift) but also due to the maintenance requirements for the F1 system. In the process of procuring an air bag module to...
  7. J De Luca

    Coffee table from dead 4200 block anyone?

    Hi Bruce, with a bit of internal lighting that could be a real head turner, serious engine failure.
  8. J De Luca

    4200 Copue Roof Liner Fabric Falling

    Hi Bruce, Thanks for your feedback, recall you parked me on the lawn at Auto Italia in Canberra. This was quite a surprize to see my saggy roof, over night the front section was like the photo. The Blue Mountain run sounds good.
  9. J De Luca

    4200 Copue Roof Liner Fabric Falling

    Hi Rob, My interior is grey with a grey headliner fabric. What colour is the spare you have? Sorry about your Alfa 166,,,
  10. J De Luca

    4200 Copue Roof Liner Fabric Falling

    Thanks for all your suggestions. I bought a new 1989 SAAB 900 Turbo way back when and that suffered the same issue after about 6 years. I will be investigating options (including a leather replacement why not) and will update the post as I learn more about this. I found the part listed for a...
  11. J De Luca

    4200 Copue Roof Liner Fabric Falling

    My 2002 Coupe GT roof liner fabric is suddenly sagging away from the liner panel. I am thinking of removing the liner panel and re-adhering the fabric. Has anyone else had this issue?