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  1. jayblue

    2006 Argento Luna, 37k mile GranSport - £23,595

    Looks like a fine example, GLWS. The market does seem remarkably flat at the moment, seems even when you are offering a relative bargain its still really hard to find a buyer unfortunately.
  2. jayblue

    Gransport - Euro or US manifolds?

    I have US spec manifolds, Supersprint decats in place of the secondary cat, unsilenced X pipe and stock GS rear boxes. The car is loud when in sport mode but not obnoxiously so, out of sport mode I would say its around as loud as the stock exhaust is in sport mode. There are of course more snaps...
  3. jayblue

    My other car is:

    Yep I was surprised too when I started looking in to them a bit more. You can really feel the weight difference behind the wheel, its like going back to driving a late 80's or early 90's hot hatch except fitted with mod cons. For a 1.6l engine it pulls more strongly than it has any right to and...
  4. jayblue

    My other car is:

    Latest daily driver is the 308 GTi. Inspired to buy one by my old 306 Gti-6 which was one of my all time favourite cars. Much better than our MK7 Golf Gti in the ways that matter to me (handling, performance and fun factor) and well equipped too. The car comes with 270bhp, massive 380mm front...
  5. jayblue

    Shell GO+ Rewards

    Same thing happened to me too. At the time I started collecting points some really good rewards were on offer at achievable levels but Shell changed the reward scheme before I was able to use them and I lost most of the value. Lucky for them V power is my fuel of choice but still frustrating!
  6. jayblue

    Gransport Ebay - another too good to be true?

    Never seen this car around before so can't offer any insight in that regard sorry. The low air intake is an issue if the car is driven through standing water and some cars have ingested water as described in the advert. I guess the question you need to be asking is which specialist did the...
  7. jayblue

    Maserati Theft?

    Had an Audi S4 a few years ago, got stolen off our drive in the middle of the night by 5 rather unpleasant individuals. They didn't leave when I shouted at them so I had to watch them steal the car. From what I have seen from similar incidents CCTV is ineffective, does nothing to stop them. They...
  8. jayblue

    Oulton Park Families Day 26th May

    Yeah mine was the blue GS. Don't know who the 32 owner was, I never got chance to speak to him. As you said he was off pretty quickly. David said the track officials were not happy after our first run and he got a stern talking to - apparently someone did a burnout somewhere. Quite what David...
  9. jayblue

    Oulton Park Families Day 26th May

    We had a good day out. Weather in the morning was not pleasant and the car was pretty dirty by the time we arrived, but it gradually cleared up. The first time we went out on track they gave us three laps of the Fosters circuit. The pace car set off at a quicker pace than anticipated and the...
  10. jayblue

    Oulton Park Families Day 26th May

    Got my tickets in the post today. There are quite a few "restrictions" on the parade laps, most of which make sense, such as no overtaking. The no hanging back and speed limit of 30mph seem a little OTT however. Weather is looking likely to be dry and there is plenty on. See you guys Sunday.
  11. jayblue

    Does anyone know this car?

    I think the owner of that car is a member on here -BRR. Don't know if it's still his or maybe traded in though. He took me out in this car around 5 years ago when I was just starting to look for a GS. It has been for sale for over a year so maybe there is a deal to be made assuming the car...
  12. jayblue

    Need 4 new tyres for my Gransport!

    Michelin Pilot Supersports all round my GS. Not the quietest tyre on the move but absolutely superb for grip in the dry. The car has more grip than I would dare to use on public roads and when a safe opportunity presents itself I do like to push on a bit. My car is dry use only unless I get...
  13. jayblue


    Watching this thread with interest as my handbrake button has a small chip on it and I also wondered how best to recover/repair it.
  14. jayblue

    Oulton Park GT Races; Monday April 22nd, 2019

    I'm in. Let's hope the weather is better than last year! BennyD MrMickS Vampyrebat Cheshiremaserati Jayblue
  15. jayblue

    Another insurance thread

    I'm under 40 years old and get the GS insured for under £400 per year. One year I actually had a quote for £240 on it!
  16. jayblue

    March 1, time to drive

    Hope the good weather returns so you can enjoy the properly. Took mine off SORN last week while the temperatures where high and had some fun. Seems the start of March at least will be changeable so who knows when I will next get it out of the garage!
  17. jayblue

    Gransport first impressions - 100 miles in

    Commonly people change either the rear silencers, the middle section for a unresonated X or H pipe or the front cats. As most on the forum will testify you need to change two of the three to really free up some noise on a GS. I started out with just an X pipe (I prefer the Ferrari style rasp...
  18. jayblue

    Gransport first impressions - 100 miles in

    Just took my GS out of hibernation for its first run of the year. Started first time, no issues or warning lights and was a pleasure to drive. As the OP stated, the car feels agile, free revving and light (and in my case loud!) Really enjoyed getting back in it and blowing out the cobwebs.
  19. jayblue

    Any 4200s in Bristol / Bath + AC Noise after Aux Change

    If it is the case that you need a new air con compressor then try Compressortech, Warwick. They sorted me out a new compressor at very reasonable price in comparison to the MD.
  20. jayblue

    Gransport cat pipes

    Yeah it was the same when I ordered from them but at the time they were listed as a SuperSprint UK Supplier. I rang several different approved companies, all gave me different prices and they were the cheapest. That was three years ago so I don't know if they can still get them for you but its...