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  1. Andyk

    Harry's Garage

    first heard of Harry when he wrote for Performance Car back when he had a Ghibli. He used to write the owners review. Performance Car went under and Ge then started EVO with most of the Performance car writers. A true car nut and Maserati fan. He left EVO and become a consultant for Jaguars SVO...
  2. Andyk

    The good morning thread

    Morning Matt, morning all.
  3. Andyk

    New GranTurismo owner!!

    A big warm welcome and what a stunning GT.....Enjoy.
  4. Andyk

    The good morning thread

    A very good morning to all....Work....That's all really.
  5. Andyk

    Brands Hatch Festival Italia Sunday 18th August 2019

    I would def have them on one if it was mine. Looks great Stu and suits your colour perfectly.
  6. Andyk

    New Maserati QUATTROPORTE GTS owner here ......

    Good deal that. Well done.
  7. Andyk

    Current Car Prices

    Didn't take the Vantage step then Woots. That N430 that was offered you is still for sale I see. These V8 cars are getting harder and harder to shift.
  8. Andyk

    MC Stradale

    Yes, remember that one Stu....The blue was an Aquired taste but in the pictures it didn't look bright blue so was so bad. I saw the car I Swindon about 8 months ago.
  9. Andyk


    Looked at your advert lots. It's a lovely example. Hope it sells soon for you.
  10. Andyk

    MC Stradale

    Seems like they have to be a bargain full stop to get people looking these days. Very limited market and most people seem to go to dealers like Dicky to ensure its the safest buy possible.
  11. Andyk

    Differences between MC Stradale and MC Stradale Cetennial Edition

    And you don't slip about on it when doing a bit if spirited driving like leather. chosing one over the other would depend on the car....I think leather is considered luxurious and alcantara more of a sporty material.
  12. Andyk


    I have two bottles of white...... 2008 Jean Noel Gagnard....Chassagne Montrachet, La Boudriotte Premier Cru. Was given them as a gift.....Was told they were over £50 a bottle last year but to afraid open them as I think they will not be to my taste reading the descriptions on line and then it...
  13. Andyk

    More from today

    lovely metal there......
  14. Andyk

    Wilton House Breakfast Meets 2019

    Some stunning cars there....Lovely the two GT8's.
  15. Andyk

    I'm back!

    A big warm welcome back and what a lovely Maserati.
  16. Andyk

    New Maserati QUATTROPORTE GTS owner here ......

    That's good as I they weren't keen on dropping. It was at 21kish for ages when other stuff was dropping. Then they dropped it slightly. I think as it was a lovely example the were keen to hang on in there. Again lovely car you have there.
  17. Andyk

    The good morning thread

    Morning C, morning all...Back to it.
  18. Andyk

    Brands Hatch Festival Italia Sunday 18th August 2019

    Stu, love the decals on your Stradale. Loved them when they came out and it's a shame more don't have them. You had them on for long and did you get the roof trident as well or just the side ones.
  19. Andyk

    The good morning thread

    Just see no that on the news. Weird not seeing those on the horizon after all these years. Good morning all...Quiet day today after an afternoon sat outside a Local yesterday.
  20. Andyk

    Differences between MC Stradale and MC Stradale Cetennial Edition

    Centennial isn't really any different from a standard car. It's just paint and trim. Some very lovely colours and some dubious wheels colour flashes and interior leather. If I was looking for a 4 seater I wouldn't pay a premium for a centennial as for me it's not different enough and I also...