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  1. Kincath

    3200 eBay Advert

    My 3200 is now on eBay with more info and pictures. Go on get yourself into a love hate relationship :) Maserati 3200 GT V8 Auto
  2. Kincath

    Anyone recognize these back boxes?

    So a guy stopped me in the local fuel station today while I was in the 32 and he says he has a pair of nearly new stainless steel exhaust back boxes for my car or maybe the other one that looks Like it so either a 3200 or 4200. Just wondered if anyone knows what these are? Looks like it says...
  3. Kincath

    Azzuro Argentina 3200 GT For Sale Scotland

    I have decided to move my 3200 on and make way for something I can use daily. The full advert is below. I’ve spent a small fortune on the car over the last few months. It’s still not without some minor issues but all the hard graft has been done. The windows don’t drop, it needs some very minor...
  4. Kincath

    Another nice 3200

    This looks very nice. Not mine btw
  5. Kincath

    3200 in the hottest day of the year!

    So I just wondered what the general situation is with the 3200 air con system. Does anyone’s work? And what’s the prime suspect for failure in these. I’d like to try and get mine working. :-)
  6. Kincath

    Nice little midweek job!

    I decided this check engine light wouldn’t beat me. We have just done the two knock sensors, replaced lots of vacuum pipes under the plenium, replaced the Kieser valve, changed the water channel pipes for silicone ones and treated the car to a nice new starter motor while in there. Ran out of...
  7. Kincath

    Pierburg valve pipework

    Does anyone know where the long vacuum hose that comes from the top of the valve towards the rear of the engine. Can’t find where it goes. We have done the smoke test trying to find it but no leaks. Also the smaller pipe that comes off the valve and goes round the left side of the inlet manifold...
  8. Kincath

    3200/4200 Stuff

    I have some parts for sale. Open to sensible offers. I have a brand new set of genuine Brembo front brake discs new in the box. I also have a set of fully refurbished rear discs. ( not sure on the make ) They have been professionally skimmed and painted. They were very good with plenty of meat...
  9. Kincath

    The big 3200 transformation

    Here’s a little run down on what I’ve been doing to the 3200. It’s a car I’ve always wanted so was semi prepared for the task in hand. It’s only money eh! Oil Oil filter Air filters Fuel filter Spark plugs Coolant replaced Oil pressure sender V belt Timing belt Two tensioner bearings Water...
  10. Kincath

    3200 Auto Gearbox Rear Seal

    Long shot but does anyone have one of these by any chance or know of an alternative? Part number 374831408 It’s the seal at the very back at the prop shaft end. I’ve tried all the usual suspects but no one has one.
  11. Kincath

    That’s my weekend sorted.

    3200 In need of much love!
  12. Kincath

    3200 Timing belt request

    Hi All, my trusted mechanic is doing my timing belt next weekend. I’ll be fixing the leather round the airbag and a few other bits. I have ordered the full service kit from eurospares as well as spark plugs, coolant etc.... Could someone email me the pages from the workshop manual that shows...
  13. Kincath

    Oil pressure sensor (3200)

    I’m on the hunt for an oil pressure sensor if anyone has one they don’t need? Eurospares have confirmed these are NLA.
  14. Kincath

    Some questions 94 non abs Ghibli

    Hi All, I’m Graham the guy who bought Crofty’s Ghibli II. So far really happy with the car. It goes great and the power for a 25 year old car is staggering. The car is going into the bodyshop in the next two weeks for some minor repairs. The only other issue I’m having is with a whine from the...
  15. Kincath

    Ghibli II Mats

    I’m on the hunt for a new set of mats for my rhd Ghibli II. I’ve don’t the usual search but to no avail. Does anyone know if these can be found anywhere?
  16. Kincath

    Are there any independent specialists near Norwich?

    Does anyone know if there are any independent specialists near Norwich to carry out a PPI? Alternatively is there a mobile guy who can carry one out at location? I've done a search but can't find any around without getting the car transported over 100 miles. Thanks G
  17. Kincath

    Anyone know this 4200?

    I'm having a look at this 4200. Just wanted to get your thoughts on it and if anyone knows the car? The previous reg was R60ERS Roger I gather. It has good history with the majority of the services done at Gray Paul and some other work more recently done at a company called Hughes Brothers in...
  18. Kincath

    Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0 V6 24V For Sale

    2003 53 Reg Phase 2 GTV V6. One years MOT with no advisories. Approx 116,000 miles. It had a speedo change in 2015 which is fully documented and you can easily see it on the MOT history. Now showing 98,000 miles. The car has had over £11,000 spent on it over the last 4 years with a host of...
  19. Kincath

    AB4 S-A Help

    Hi Guys, Been trying to use the search function but not having much joy. Can anyone explain to me what AB4 S-A is? I know it's gearbox related but would like to know what it is and is it good to drive or should I stay clear? Many thanks in advance!
  20. Kincath

    Reverse gear issue

    Looking for some help please. My 4200 has developed an issue where it won't go into reverse. The "R" on the dash just flashes. It will eventually go in after 5 or 6 tries. Any ideas? Thanks